Songstress Chelsea Lankes Spills Electropop Secrets & Her Biggest Style Muse

If you aren’t already, you are sure to fall in love with songstress Chelsea Lankes. She’s the total package: smart, stunning, and has a voice to match. Her emotional music is somehow made fun with electropop guitars – you’ll find yourself bobbing your head and simultaneously contemplating your own love life. Chelsea spoke to us about her way of making music, her biggest inspirations, and even her style muses. Check out the interview, below!


Motel Rocks jumpsuit & Dita sunglasses

How would you describe your sound?

The love child of Katy Perry and The Cure.

How was it creating the music video for ghost?

It was so fun! It was a small crew so we all got pretty close by the end of the shoot. And though we made it look like summer, it was incredibly cold. All the water shots were me just pretending I wasn’t on the verge of hypothermia. That said – I couldn’t have asked for a better director, costar, crew – everyone worked so hard and we all just had a blast.

What song on the album do you think every girl needs on repeat and why?

Secret – it’s romantic and sexy and is very feel good. The melody is infectious so it’s fun to sing along. Every girl will relate to the lyrics. It’s about being so close to someone and so caught up in a moment, you don’t need words. And just letting go and allowing yourself to feel every emotion.

If you could be the muse of any designer who would it be?

Karl Lagerfeld. Hands down.

What inspired you to get into music?

Growing up my mom put me in piano lessons and she was a singer as well so I think it was the fact that we always had music in our house is the reason it’s a part of who I am. Specifically though, I picked up a guitar and began writing because I listened to Sheryl Crow’s album “The Globe Sessions”. She was so cool and she made me realize music was more than just singing along to the radio – I realized I wanted to create my own.


Photography by Angelo Kritikos
Styling by Alexandra Mandelkorn
Makeup by Merav Adler
Hair by Ashley Lynn Hall at One Represents – Aveda

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