Guess Which Mall Brand Is Making A Comeback

The classic American clothing company that fueled all your middle school closets has transformed into a whole new brand. According to News Watch International, the company’s stock was dropping over 5% in the past year or two and that made old CEO of 22 years, Mike Jeffries, realize things needed to be revamped and that would mean Jeffries stepping down. Jeffries left A&F early 2014 because he couldn’t bare change with his iconic 4 billion dollar company. The company started to transform after new chairmen had been hired, now they have hopped on board with the fast pace fashion world. Starting by eliminating their distinct branding (adios little moose) and creating more minimalistic pieces- this company is headed in the right direction. Top bloggers, online marketplaces, and celebrities are starting to notice as well. Blogger, Sazan Hendrix, has been raving about A&F for months “I couldn’t believe this romper was from Abercrombie when I saw it. I think they’ve really stepped up their game!” Sazan has posted more looks on her Instagram. Online fashion marketplaces have also been picking up the label, you can now shop Abercrombie for Asos. Trendy brands like One Teaspoon, New Balance, Superga, have been given the opportunity to be featured on A&F’s site, making the website receive more foot traffic. The company has always been delivered in a way that suits broke teens and a young audience, so the one thing this label hasn’t reversed is the price point, even better. Cudos to you Abercrombie, it takes time and patience to revamp a reputation- and you fulfilled that change. Here are some of the mall brand’s latest looks and fall must haves:

Galore Mag Abercrombie And Fitch
1. Faux Suede A-Line Skirt 2. Pattern Poncho Sweater 3. Lace Up T-Shirt Dress 4. Faux Fur Jacket 5. Dolman Shirt 6. Pattern Pants 7. Flare Jumpsuit

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