Checkout The Christmas Sweater That Made People Stand Up For Mental Illness

Known for its open advocacy of minorities and social justice,Target has had a major slip-up with the release of its ‘OCD sweater.’ The red christmas sweater says OCD in bold green letters at the top, with the phrase ‘Obsessive Christmas Disorder’ below it–making light of a serious mental illness. And yes, people have been making their disapproval known. One twitter user states, ‘Can’t wait for the rest of @Target diseased theme fashion line. Next up: PTSD (People That Shop Disorder).’ Talk about shots fired. Yahoo reports that another individual posts, “I don’t see any shirts making fun of cancer — #whymentalillness?” All of these complaints are valid and well-deserved, but why do people wait for some controversial piece of clothing or social media post to take action or advocate?

It always takes some big controversy for people to actually take a stand and show how politically correct they are. But once it calms down a bit, they return to their position of non-action. This stance for social justice and equality and advocacy must be constant and consistent. It’s like only doing your work when the boss is around and then going back to Facebook the second they’re gone. It’s all well and fun until you get to the end of the day and you realize you haven’t done any of your work. That may not be a killer analogy, but the gist of it is: these controversies will continue to happen unless we take action against these types of injustices all the time. Instead of just asking Target to remove the sweater from stores, let’s ban all clothing that promotes violence, inequality, and social injustice. Instead of just asking that one person to be fired for their racist or sexist post, let’s provide educational seminars at jobs and schools on what is politically, socially and culturally correct.

This sweater has the potential to truly offend and hurt people who are struggling with a debilitating disease, instead of making sure this one thing won’t hurt them, let’s make sure nothing will ever hurt them again. How does that one quote go, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

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