12 Real Guys on the Best Cheap V-Day Gifts You Could Get Them

If your man had an unlimited budget for Valentine’s Day, you would probably ask for a purple Lambo, six pairs of Louboutins, a box of Godiva chocolates, 12 bouquets, and a trip to Jamaica.

Unfortunately, your man probably doesn’t have an unlimited budget, and neither do you. You’re probably broke and wondering what on earth you can get your dude that will make him happy while spending a minimal amount of dough.

Lucky for you, guys are pretty easily pleased without breaking your bank account. We asked a bunch of 20-year-old dudes what they wanted for Valentine’s Day, and their super low maintenance, food and sex related results may surprise you (or maybe they won’t).

In fact, nearly every single guy we surveyed mentioned some form of sex, food, or a combination of both. See the results for yourself.


“Cuddles, and maybe an evening of movies.” – John, 22


“A nice brunch and a little Netflix and chill.” – Joe, 20


“Fun sex.”- Tom, 22


“A kick ass blowjob.”- Stuart, 21


“Food.”- Mike, 27


“A blowjob.”- Kevin, 21


“Steak, wine/whiskey, a blowjob.”- Erik, 28


“Pad thai.”- George, 23


“To just spontaneously go to the airport with my significant other, pick a flight to somewhere within the next 2 hours and just take it and see what happens.”- Sean, 23


“Card/candy, something to show she went out of her way. Sexual favors and a dinner date that I would pay for.”- Ryan, 23


“Car parts.” – Ross, 22


“For the first time during Valentine’s Day I’ll be seeing someone, so I don’t know what to expect from a guy’s perspective, but a blowjob without the expectation that I shouldn’t blow my load before I’ve satisfied her would be nice. Non-sexually, a night in watching a movie. The restaurants will be crowded anyway.” – Dom, 22

See? You don’t need to spend your rent on a Saint Laurent leather jacket either. Guys are simple. And even though guys claim that they “don’t do emotions,” the majority of dudes will definitely appreciate a hand-written card.

Image via Huffington Post

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