Charlotte D’Alessio Shares Her Winter Shopping List

Toronto-born model, Charlotte D’Alessio, knows all the secrets to updating your look without buying an entirely new wardrobe. When this model’s off duty she loves to rock Wildfox‘s sassy tees and Ralph Lauren‘s clean lined garments, but she let us in on her ultimate secret: all you really need to update your look are some new accessories. That includes experimental lipstick shades, new undies to make you feel great from the inside out, and so much more. Here’s what Charlotte’s shopping for at the moment.

1. What’s the best beauty product to liven up your look?

I love MAC lipstick in Cyber. Weirdly enough, I put it on my eyelids and wear it as an eyeshadow. I swear, it looks dope.

2. What items are on your shopping list at the moment?

Definitely Sahara Ray swimsuits, Mac Fluid Line in Blacktrack and Gooseberry Intimates bralettes.

3. What are your plans for the holidays?

I’m looking forward to Christmas and getting to travel so I can see all my friends. I’m also thinking of going to Hawaii in January and Miami on New Years.

4. So what do you pack when you travel?

No matter where I go, I always carry hand sanitizer, powder and whatever lip color I’m wearing that day!

5. What’s the first song you listen to in-flight?

When I travel I play The Edge Of Forever by The Dream Academy on repeat. They played in Ferris Bueller’s Day off and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since!

Photos by Frankie Mark

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