Charlie Puth Has Harsh Words for an Ex in His New Single

Someone effed Charlie Puth up real bad.

The singer dropped his latest track last night via an immersive music experience called “The Attention Room,” and it’s def a full 360 0n his usual boy-next-door sound.

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With lyrics like, “You just want attention, You don’t want my heart, Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new” it’s clear he’s feeling scorned AF. Poor bb.

While it’s not clear exactly who the track is about, we’ve been having a fun time trying to figure it out. (TBT to the whole Bella Thorne Twitter fiasco in January…) Anyway, it’s for sure something we wouldn’t have expected to come from the 25-year-old singer and he’s def embarking on a sultry new vibe.

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If you’re in the LA area this weekend and looking for something cool to do, The Attention Room is located at 8017 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and serves to replicate the brain’s reaction to receiving attention through a LED infinity tunnel. The trippy installation features intense visuals and bright lights as the new song plays behind it, so it’s prob a fun place to go as you continue the 4/20 celebration this weekend. Peep the song below.

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