Want To Summon A Mexican Meme Demon? Just Call Charlie Charlie.

This weekend, the Internet discovered its new favorite thing: a Mexican Demon named Charlie Charlie.

While most demons spend eternity trying to destroy the work of God and deceive you into worshipping them, Charlie Charlie is content to hang out with you all day, answering pointless incredibly vital questions such as which member of One Direction will I marry?


What a chill undead dude.


Even though millions of people all over the world are already hollering at Charlie Charlie, dude always has time to make a new friend.  All you have to do to hang with Char Char is grab two pencils and a piece of paper, lay one on top of the other in the shape of a cross and politely invite Charlie Charlie to play with either a, “Charlie, Charlie, are you there” or a slightly more sexual summons, “Charlie Charlie, can we play?”

You know, demons like to get frisky too.

From there, because gravity is a known thing Charlie Charlie is an all-knowing beast, the pencil on top will undoubtably fall towards one of your yes or no quadrants, and you’ll have your answer.

Even though some people are literally freaking the f-ck out about this, the whole Charlie Charlie Challenge is a complete piece of crap.  There are no Mexican demons named Charlie.  Carlitos, maybe, but most likely, he’d be called Tezcatlipoca.

Not that any of this matters.  If people are going to spend their spare time summoning demons, they’d probably prefer to be summoning up fictional ones.

But just in case, make sure to ask Charlie Charlie if y’all can stop playing, ain’t nobody got time to be haunted by no fake ass Americanized Mexican demon, even if all he does all day is just get stoned and hang out with a bunch of randos.

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