Charli XCX’s new video is a who’s who of Hollywood hotties

When we’re not busy schooling angry Reddit bros on feminism or proclaiming that men are trash (otherwise known as the truth), we’re busy lusting over rando cute guys that we see on the Subway or on our Instagram explore page.

And Charli XCX is no different – #relatable!

Her new music video and single “Boys,” is the cutest track ever, and the music video is cute too, if by cute you also mean so hot it’ll get your panties in a bit of a twist!

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While Charli croons about how she’s busy thinking about boys instead of attending her friend’s party, the video cuts to a variety of semi well-known male creatives looking somewhat dapper and somewhat silly. They’re eating pancakes seductively, they’re dancing around in a kiddie pool, they’re having pillow fights, and they’re playing with puppies.

The boys range from rappers like Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla Sign to DJs such as Diplo and Flume. And for all my emos out there, Brendan Urie and Oli Sykes make multiple cameos too!

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Plus, at roughly the 1:50 mark, you’ll see the dynamic duo who just happen to be two of Galore’s founders – Prince and Jacob.

Charli directed the video herself and you’ll want to watch it over and over again – plus the song seriously bumps. Check it out below.

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