Charli XCX’s 90s-Inspired Clothing Line Is Breaking All The Rules

When Charli XCX first came into my life, she was wearing a cropped camouflage shirt paired with a plaid mini skirt and a pair of boots.  I didn’t know what her voice sounded like or what kind of music she made, but her style was enough to make me love her (or at least adopt her as my spirit animal, which is basically the same thing).

Fast forward to 2015, and the name Charli XCX is practically synonymous with fashion.  Whether she’s wearing a glamorous Moschino suit or a pair of matching animal print separates, Charli XCX has a sense of style that’s uniquely her own, and very 2015.  Obviously, it was only a matter of time before she decided to give fashion designing a try, and today marks the official arrival of her debut collection with trendy British retailer Boohoo.



Charli’s 36-piece collection is a tribute to the ’90s, when fashion was fearless and sassy, and best exemplified by cult movie characters like Cher Horowitz, Courtney Shayne and Nancy Downs.  Featuring velvet chokers, form-fitting leopard print separates, faux fur scarves, berets, brightly colored detachable cuffs, velvet heels (always peep toe, occasionally platform), three slip dresses, plenty of plaid, and enough stretchy, glittery fabric to make a drag queen out of us all, the collection is exactly how I actually remember the ’90s: fun, and full of bad taste.

For example, take the first look that Charli XCX debuted from her collection:


Charli XCX // Instagram

On the one hand, the juxtaposition of the bright yellow faux fur cuffs and the matching, glitter-infused leopard print is too much.  This isn’t an outfit you could throw on to walk the laundromat, and it’s hardly what you’d want to be wearing on your next booty call, and yet, there’s something about it.  It’s fashion that your average girl couldn’t wear, and it’s undeniably fun.

With the exception of a few pieces: three slip dresses, all of the scarves, and the collection’s most expensive option, a pair of black, high-heeled, knee-length boots with lacing up the front and the back, the collection is filled with clothing like this.  However, rather than seeming like a major fashion faux pas, Charli XCX’s line feels like a celebration: the average girl wouldn’t be caught dead in her collection, but then again, that’s exactly the type of girl Charli isn’t designing for.  Even when she’s breaking new ground, the singer can’t help but break the rules.



All photos via Boohoo.

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