Celeb MUA Colby Smith Is Your Guide To Heroine Chic

Do you ever wonder how our cover girl Charli XCX gets her always smashing beauty looks? Surely it’s part genetics, but her makeup artist Colby Smith definitely has a lot to do with it! Colby is seriously the king of badass makeup, so naturally we had to ask him how to attain Charli’s signature look. Lucky for Galore Girls everywhere, he shared some of Spring’s must try beauty trends and dished on a few Charli approved products. Check out Colby’s pop star worthy advice, below!

Galore Mag Charli XCX Colby Makeup

What is the next big makeup trend you see coming?

All around softer makeup. I think the over concealed, contoured, highlighted face is out. Leave it for the drag queens and theater. I think natural radiant skin is ready for a comeback. A few individual lashes rather than a few pairs stacked on top and bottom. 

What are your go to products when doing Charli’s bad girl makeup?

Marc Jacobs black gel eye pencil. It is jet black and waterproof. I love a greasy lived in eye.

Charli’s red lip is one to love. What’s the best red lippy a girl could buy?

I love using MAC cosmetics Ruby Woo. It’s super matte and a blue based red – it really pops! 

Do you believe in red lipstick for spring/summer?

Spring, summer, fall, winter! It’s such a classic look. It also looks like you’ve put a little more thought into getting ready when you have a bold red lip on!

Spring break is here, do you have any bb cream recommendations for our galore girls?

Loving the Armani Luminessence color control bright moisturizer. Some bb creams seem too dry on the skin, this keeps that effortless glow and gives a wash of coverage. 

What’s the best body bronzer?

Armani fluid sheer in number 10. Mix that with lotion for an amazing glow on the skin. 

Blush or bronzer for spring?

Blush! Perricone MD has a No Makeup Blush that is the perfect peach color. It’s liquid so it glides on easy. The peach color gives you a glow, but not an excessive rosy or tan look. 

Best way to get a sexy eye?

Sleep in it! I love a lived in sultry eye. Using a matte dark shadow like M-620 from Makeup Forever under the bottom lashes creates that heroine chic rocker look. It also helps set the black liner so it doesn’t smudge too much. 

Charli totally does punk princess beauty looks on the reg. What’s the secret weapon to achieving the effortlessly badass vibe?

Lined eyes and a bold lip is a classic way to achieve that. I also throw in some glitter or rhinestones from Makeup Forever on the eye to give a little princess to the punk.

How do we get thick brows like Charli?

Armani eye and brow maestro are amazing waterproof creams that can be used on the eye and in the brows and they stay put!

Galore Mag Charli XCX Colby Makeup

Galore Mag Charli XCX Colby Makeup

Galore Mag Charli XCX Colby Makeup

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