Chanel Just Brought Back the Ultimate 2000s Throwback Shoe

The 2000s are officially back.

First there was a wave of Juicy suit nostalgia, then Kim Kardashian egged things on with a TBT of her and bestie Paris Hilton in Louis Vuitton-embossed splendor.

And now Karl Lagerfeld has given his tacit blessing for us to return to the days of “Newlyweds” and “Girls Next Door” by showing a quintessentially 2005 item as part of the Chanel Haute Couture show today in Paris.

😍 yes to all please #Chanel #chanelhautecouture

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We’re not talking about the gowns — those are timeless. We’re talking about the shoes, which are — gasp! — cork wedges.

Here’s a closer look. The shoes are pretty far from your standard 2006 eighth-grade graduation cork-wedged sandal. The heel is shaped with a curvy flourish and the top is more of a pump than a sandal.

They’re pretty similar to Kate Middleton’s beloved (maybe a little too beloved) LK Bennett wedges. Kate was rocking these puppies for years, despite the fact that no one under 40 has worn a cork wedge for the past seven years or so. In fact, the Duchess used to wear those so much that word on the street is the queen banished them because she hates all wedges.

On the cheesier (read: more fun) end of the spectrum, you might remember cork wedges from Jessica Simpson’s heyday as an aspirational 00s style icon. Or they might bring back suburban barbecue vibes. They are quite comfy and casual and, in 2016, delightfully out of left field.

Either way, they’re a pretty divisive shoe. But with Chanel’s blessing, it’s worth dashing out to your local consignment store to snap up as many as possible before the warm weather returns. Mark our words, they’re going to be everywhere this spring.

And as Kendra Wilkinson shows in this throwback pic, they go great with a caftan and a bright orange spray tan.

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