Did Chance The Rapper Just Create Cara The Rapper?

Yesterday, Chance the Rapper gave his antsy fans a little taste of his new project – Surf. “Nothing Came To Me,” a new track featuring Cara Delevingne by Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment, was released along with a music video. When I saw that Cara would be on the new track, I about choked on my chicken taco. Immediately, daydreams began of her spitting 16 bars with that mesmerizing English accent. No lie, I started hyperventilating out of curiosity. I did what any shameless (or shameful) fangirl would do: I ran to the quiet bathroom to have a listen for myself.

My hopes for Yung Cara were quickly shattered. Spoiler: She does not rap or even speak for that matter. But one thing is for sure, she looks absolutely stunning. Whether she has real musical talent has yet to be determined, but we all know this girl can execute any and every modeling job flawlessly. I know many a hater out there would disagree with Mr. Rapper’s casting of Miss Delevingne, but come on! If they can take a 20 second scene of J-Law singing and turn it into a top 20 remix for the f***ing radio, Chance is allowed to put Cara in a music video.

There’s a lot of hype for what is simply, a beautifully done instrumental. “Nothing Came To Me” is a no words, no bars, and zero hot one-liners kind of track. Video synopsis: She just stands there in a 20s inspired dress and is whispered some very sad news, then produces a heartbreaking reaction that may or may not be a result of hearing “we ran out of bacon” (but this is just my theory). All in all, it’s worth watching because it’s one more excuse to stare at Cara be undeniably beautiful, and it WILL get you excited for the release of Surf. Nice work Chance, you just got a bunch of new people to care about you. Let the haters keep on hating.

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