Cerrone Is Keeping Disco Alive 40 Years Later

You can think of Cerrone as the long-reigning king of disco in an industry mostly populated by house music.

A disco legend, he is changing up the music industry by bringing us back to happier days, influenced by 70’s disco while still incorporating the techno music we have grown to love.

He’s also responsible for one of the most epic music videos ever, “Supernature.”

Scroll down to get to know more about Cerrone and his journey into the industry.

What are you here to tell us about today? Give us your elevator pitch!

It’s always important for me to communicate and learn to better know each other. In such tragic and troubled times, especially in certain countries, I think the world should not forget to be happy. We’re living in a very exciting and promising period. Of course, I’m very happy having known the 70’s which were the most creative period but I’m also very happy to live in the present time, where communication, especially thanks to computers and internet, enables us being aware of all what is going on in our world. Nothing can be hidden any more.

Why is it important to you?

To me, that’s one of the major assets and the best way to preserve freedom.

How’d you get into music?

Almost by by accident. I was quite a turbulent boy in school and I used to hit almost everything around me, so it wasn’t rare the teachers would expel me from the classroom. I got even expelled from the school. My mother, who didn’t know what to do with me, told me that if I tried hard to be a good pupil, behave myself and not to be expelled from school any more, she would buy me drums. I found the idea a little odd but very motivating. From that day on I focused much more on the schoolwork and ended up making a very good year while being more and more drawn into the music which has become my passion ever since. And obviously I got the drums!

What’s been your favorite part of the process so far?

The greatest satisfaction one can have doing music is to create continuously. I’s a very enriching and valuing feeling to begin with. The second thing, which is always difficult to explain with proper words is all the love one can feel and receive while performing.

What are the three things everyone should know about your music?

What I believe is that my music is very festive, sensual and a liberator of the mind. I do the maximum when composing and making the arrangements for the groove to be as sensual as possible. And also to bring joy and well-being.

What’s the biggest misconception about your work?

To me, real disco music takes a soul and solid musical mise-en scène. You know, this is just not about making a third-rate pop song with some extra “disco flavour” added to it. That’s precisely the reason why some of the late disco music was called “disco sucks”, because of the lack of authenticity and dim melodies.


Have there been any times when you doubted or had second thoughts about this project? How’d you overcome that?

For my last album I just restrained myself — so to speak — to enjoy myself as much as possible and to do as few concessions as possible while trying to be a little closer to nowadays musical trends. But in my 40 years career, I never changed my music style.

What’s the biggest thing you hope people learn from your music?

My greatest reward would be that people are happy to feel their bodies, the pleasure to move and to celebrate.

What’s the most valuable advice someone has given you in the music industry?

Simply to be yourself, not to surrender to the styles and trends which would eventually leave no footprint. Techno, garage, house and electro have borrowed a lot from disco. But it still remains dance music.

What is your biggest fear?

Maybe to vanish.

What bands/music do you find inspiring?

The Jacksons, Earth Wind & Fire, and now : Disclosure, Maroon 5…

Who were you in another life?

I’m always asking myself!

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

I would choose the power to neutralize ignorants and morons.

If you had to choose a life slogan what would it be?

To be in the right place in the right time. That’s what I have always focused on. In other words, knowing the good opportunities without any easy acceptance.

Photography by Julot Bandit

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