Celebs Who Wear Trends: Jumpsuit Edition

If you listen closely enough in a woman’s public restroom, you can almost always hear a girl struggling to take off a jumpsuit.

The real question isn’t who’s wearing it, but why?! For some reason fashion designers keep trying to make jumpsuits a thing, and unless you’re a baby or are stuck in the 70’s, there is no reason to be wearing an adult onesie, AKA romper, AKA jumpsuit. I know, I know, your romper is the exception. But what about how terrible this devil crafted piece of clothing is? Not to mention – inconvenient. Now, my only guess is that celebrities in flawless jumpsuits must avoid all fluids the day they wear one in order to not be caught fully undressing in a bathroom and to find a way around the unflattering crotch wedgies that come with this look (can somebody ask them and find out).

Who’s been spotted in these get-ups?

Miley Cyrus:




Kylie Jenner:


Emma Stone:


Kim Kardashian:


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