Celebs Who Give Us Hair Envy

1. Katy Perry
I swear to the devil that if I am ever famous, I will immediately dye my hair dark purple a la Katy Perry style. How does she look perfect in EVERY hair color? Who else can make green locks look chic? I attempted to rock a pink wig to dress as Katy Perry for halloween, and still looked like an idiot. So bravo, Katy, for changing your hair like we change our underwear and always looking awesome.

2. Amber Rose
I barely look okay with any form of my hair pulled back.. and this bitch looks good with no hair at all?! If we could all look this sexy with a shaved head we would save a ton of time and money on doing our hair… unfortunately we are not all blessed with this ability.

3. Kylie Jenner
Yes, we know her new hair is fake. But we love her ability to joke about it with Instagram posts like “when your weave blows in the wind.” We also loved her shorter hair with turquoise tips. You go, Kylie, for being one of the only Kardashians to change up your hairstyle.

4. Blake Lively
Oh, okay. Because not only did we want to be Serena Van Der Woodsen, we wanted her perfect blonde tresses. And now, we can continue wanted her perfect hair while simultaneously wanting her perfect relationship with her perfect husband Ryan Reynolds. Perfect.

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