Celebrities Have Moms Too, And We’re Ranking Them Best to Worst

Celebrities are just like us – they go to the supermarket, pump their own gas, and screen calls from their mother.  It’s not that we all don’t love our moms, it’s just that any relationship that starts with you hanging out inside somebody’s womb for a couple months can just get to be a little much sometimes. But at the end of the day, even though you may find yourselves occasionally screening your mom’s calls because you don’t want to talk about the direction your life is going in/if you’re seeing anybody special right now, you love your mom. You can’t help it. Unless she’s absolutely the worst human being alive. Then you might. Maybe. Sometimes. Eh, she’s just Ma.

In honor of the mothers we love, and the mothers we love to hate, here’s a list of the best and the worst moms to have ever given birth to a celebrity.



Right away, just by being the woman who gave birth to Beyonce, Tina Knowles is already the best Mom alive.  Beyonce is an International treasure, and quite frankly, it’s a shame we don’t already have a holiday dedicated to Tina.  Mother’s Day is not enough.  Although Beyonce probably could have dealt with a little less Tina during her Destiny’s Child years.  It was nice of her to make their clothes and be their stylist, but sometimes Tina made those girls look so silly.  There’s only so much coordination a girl group can take.

Not only did Lynn Harless give birth to Justin Timberlake, but she was also Ryan Gosling’s guardian for a hot second back in the Mickey Mouse Club days. Both of her boys turned out incredibly well, and I think it’s safe to say that she’s an American hero for her service to womankind. In addition girl says the sweetest things about his wife, kicks Justin’s butt in golf, and oh yeah, she helped Aston Kutcher punk Justin Timberlake when the poor boy was super stoned. So yeah, Lynn Harless is an awesome mom.


Drake loves his mom and that’s good enough for us.  JK.  After his parents divorced when he was five, Drake went to go live with his Canadian, Jewish mother, she struggled for years before being able to afford to move her family to a small house in an affluent Canadian neighborhood.  Obviously, if Drake’s Dad would have never fallen in love with a Canadian woman, Drake never would have landed the role of Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi and the rapper that we all love so dearly could have toiled around in underground purgatory for the rest of his natural days.  God bless, Canada.

Donda West was many things in her life: a Fulbright scholar, a former chairwoman of Chicago State University’s English department, and author of forgotten literary gem “Raising Kanye: Life Lessons From the Mother of a Hip-Hop Star.”  Giving up a thirty-one year career in 2004 to help manage Kanye’s career and act as CEO of West Brands LLC, a holding company responsible for overseeing all of her son’s many businesses.  Sadly in 2007, Donda West suffered from cardiac arrest after complications arose from a routine breast reduction/liposuction surgery and found herself dead at 58 years-old.  If you remember, Kanye didn’t take it that well, blaming himself for letting L.A. culture change the way his mother saw herself.  R.I.P., Donda.


Miley’s mom Tish may be her momager, but the singer insists they’re homies through and through. When the media was still scrambling to make sense of Miley in a post-Hannah Montana universe, it left many asking the question, where are Miley’s parents. Not only did Tish stick up for her daughter, but she even struck one of Miley’s signature poses in a selfie. Most Moms are supportive, but not all are brave enough to go tongue out in public. We see where Miley gets it from.


Kris Kardashian is probably the most famous mother in history, so it’s a total shame for her that so many people think she’s the worst. She gets drunk and does embarassing things, shows way too much cleavage and signed on to her family selling their soul in exchange for world domination. But at the end of the day, you gotta give this mom-ager kudos. Maybe she’s exploited her kids, but most of them seem to be doing just fine.  Kris had to have done a few things right, right?


You know how Taylor Swift has that song “Trouble” about Harry Styles? Of course you do, you’re on the Internet. Well, Dina Lohan is a lot like Harry Styles – cute on the outside, but pure trouble on the inside. Arrested in 2012 for speeding and driving under the influence, and declared guilty by many in exploiting the fame and hardships of both of her daughters, Dina Lohan hasn’t always been the best role model. Oh, and she got her Carvel Black Card taken away because she was abusing the privledge. Not cool, Dina. Ice cream cakes are for everybody.  Have you no shame?

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