Quiz: if your dad was a celebrity, who would he be?

Not all of our fathers can be famous celebrity dads, but thanks to the wonders of quizzes, we all sure can pretend.

Take this quiz and find out which celeb dad is the most like yours!

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1. What does your dad spend his time doing?

A. Writing thank you notes and playing drinking games with his friends.
B. Going on rants and touching my Mom’s butt.
C. IDK hanging out in the basement with his friends…
D. Getting ready to rule the country. Grandmother has to die sometime.
E. Literally don’t wanna know.

2. What kind of dad is he?

A. Really funny. Whenever I had a bad day, he always has a joke ready.
B. He can be kind of intense sometimes, but he’s really devoted to me.
C. He’s super cool . No matter what I do, he’s always okay with it.
D. I don’t know…the kind that always gives you money for stuff?
E. He’s all over the place. One minute he’s super loving and the next minute he’s yelling at his phone because some “bitch” posted something on Instagram…he’s kind of the worst, actually. I’m thinking of emancipating myself.

3. Are him and your mom still together?

A. Yes.
B. Ugh, my parents are disgustingly in love.
C. Nah, but it’s chill.
D. Yeah. It would too scandalous for them to ever get a divorce.
E. Thank fuck, no!

4. What does your dad like for breakfast?

A. Healthy stuff. He wishes he didn’t have to, but he says the camera adds 10 pounds.
B. Croissants.
C. My dad’s too cool for breakfast, he prefers brunch.
D. A full English breakfast, of course.
E. Pussy with a side of cake. His words, not mine.

5. How do you and your dad spend a typical Saturday night?

A. Honestly, my dad works a lot, so even though he always says we’ll hang out, mostly he just passes out in front of the TV with a beer in his hand.
B. We spend hours waiting for Mom to do her hair/makeup/wardrobe, then we spend another 30 minutes trying to get the perfect selfie, and then we sit down to a dank ass feast that Daddy’s personal chef prepared for us based on Mommy/Daddy’s dietary restrictions for the week. After that, Mom locks our phones in a safe and we change into pjs and just hang out.
C. LOL my dad and I don’t hang out on Saturday nights. He does his thing and I do mine.
D. Quietly. We have a family dinner, maybe we play a board game, maybe we discuss politics, and maybe we just sit and read in the living room.  Nothing crazy.
E. I pretend like he doesn’t exist and he forgets that I do too.

6. What does your dad think of your short skirts and crop tops?

A. He just gets kind of awkward and lets my Mom handle it.
B. He’s too busy looking at my mom’s short skirts and crop tops. Did I mention they’re disgustingly in love?
C. So long as nothing’s hanging out, he’s fine with it.
D. What short skirts and crop tops? I only wear cardigans and knee-length or longer skirts, I promise.
E. He tells they make me look like a hoe. And then he writes a song about it.

7. Has your dad ever taken a selfie with you?

A. Ugh, yeah.
B. All the time.
C. I made him take one with me, but he was down with it.
D. My dad doesn’t know what a selfie is.
E. Yeah, but only when his publicist thinks his image needs a boost.


If you got mostly As your celebrity dad is Jimmy Fallon.

Your dad’s a funny dude. Like seriously, he has dad jokes for days. It’s like kind of his job. Sometimes you wish he could just be a “normal dad” and spend his free time mowing the lawn and watching Sports Center, but at the same time, you know he works so hard so you’ll legit never have to work a day in your life. It’s actually kind of goals. Plus, he falls asleep a lot with his shoes on, so you get to draw on his face constantly.

If you got mostly Bs, your celebrity dad is Kanye West.

Even though your dad is super opinionated and half of the people you meet think he’s a total dick, you know it’s just because they don’t know him like you do.  The only person in the world that he loves more than himself is you, and even though he can be super annoying sometimes, at the end of the day, you know you love him too.

If you got mostly Cs, your celebrity dad is Lenny Kravitz.

Other people may say it, but your dad really is the coolest guy you know.  He’s always encouraged you to be whoever you wanted to be, let you make your own mistakes, and he actually made being a musician work for him.  He’s kind of your hero.  Also, he’s totally hot. Not that you wanna think about it, but like, let’s be honest here. There’s a reason why your house was like the hottest Friday night sleepover invitation.

If you got mostly Ds, your celebrity dad is Prince William.

Okay, okay, so your dad is kind of a big deal. When he’s not busy making plans to totally rule the country someday, he’s at home, locked up in his study somewhere or sitting with a cup of tea in the living room having a polite conversation with your mom. While you can’t remember the last time that he gave you a hug or told you that he loved you, you know that he does… or at least, you’re pretty sure. Dads can be kind of weird that way.

If you got mostly Es, your celebrity dad is Chris Brown.

I’m so so so sorry. Happy Father’s Day anyway though.

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