So Many Celebs Smoked Cigarettes in the Bathroom at the Met Gala

Smoking is bad for you and all that jazz, but you know who doesn’t care about following the rules?


Which is why a handful of your favorite youngsters decided they DGAF what Anna Wintour thought, they were going to re-zone the women’s bathroom in the Met as a smoking section.

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Here’s noted smoker Bella Hadid seemingly puffing and passing with Lara Stone, Paris Jackson and Ruby Rose.

Rita Ora snapped pics of Dakota Johnson and the star of Mr. Robot smoking on ciggy poos.

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Slick Woods mean mugged with a bad boy in her mouth.

Frances Bean Cobain shared a smoke and maybe some whisky with her mom and Marc Jacobs, which isn’t weird at all.

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British designer Stella McCartney was inhaling in the corner.

And Behati Prinsloo, who missed the Met Gala last year cuz she was super preggo, was spotted with a kill stick betwixt her fingers too.


Bet all their beautiful couture dresses smelt WONDERFUL by the time the night was through.

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