These celeb-praised skincare brands will keep you looking bad and boujee (some at a big price)

Remember how almost every celebrity says that they swear by eight cups of water for clear skin?

Forget about it.

We know that none of them want to admit the magic behind their flawlessly FaceTuned complexion. While most celebrities swear by the powers of Mother Nature (ahem, surgeon), we’ve cracked the code on how you can achieve million dollar skin without having to book an appointment.

As much as good skin is a priority, we hate to admit that achieving good skin comes at a price that will make you spend less money on your Friday night drinks. However, you must spend your dinero wisely on skincare as the right products can truly save you time from spending more money on numerous visits later in life.

Thanks to the existence of Instagram, we’ve cracked the code on the brands that celebrities swear by.

1. Dr. Barbara Sturm

Known as the woman who started Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial craze, this German doctor uses molecular science to craft her potions. Relying on the molecules to heal every skin ailment affected from pollution to UV rays, her products are created to make each drop of serum work its wonders to nourish and hydrate beneath the top layer.

Even though Sturm’s products come with a hefty price tag at luxury beauty retailers, your skin truly glows without the extra oil slick from your face’s natural oils. Regardless of the double digits that accompany each product, our former cover girls from Paris Hilton to Charlotte McKinney swear by them.

Heck, even our darling Shea Marie and Alexander Wang are VIP clients, too.

2. Aethern

Forget about your juice cleanse. If you need an instant pick me up after a brutal hangover, swallow up this supplement. Packed with collagen, bamboo-derived silicone, beta carotene, zinc and hyaluronic acid, this supercharged savior slows down ageing and collagen loss caused by UV rays. It hydrates the skin’s inner layers, repairs soft tissues and smooths out the texture of the outer layer.

Based on my personal experiences, it made my skin SUPER soft and ridiculously glowing. It’s no secret that the “Ocean 8” badass sidekick, Cate Blanchett, literally drinks a bottle a day. Although it’ll set you back for nearly $300 per box, it’s a hot bargain as each bottle will cost around $10 (NOTE: I just had to do the extra calculation for you!).

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3. Hanacure

Instagram’s famous “granny mask” may look scary AF, but the results are not as bad as a real life horror movie. Worn by Drew Barrymore and Demi Moore, the  mask is applied with a brush, which explains the super creepy wrinkled effect.

Marketed as an anti-aging product, this all-in-one facial truly delivers instant results as the peptides evens out skin tone and removes dirt. Trust us, you will not stop once you start. Praise the Higher Powers that this entire set is $29!

4. Sunday Riley

As a lethal combo of natural ingredients with slick innovation, it’s the brand that makeup artists use backstage during Fashion Week as seen on Bella Hadid at Milan Fashion Week two years ago. If you are looking for a strong hydrating moisturizer, go for their Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream.

It keeps your skin alive during hot weather and lack of vitamin D inside the office. Another one to add to the basket is Good Genes, which has a reputation for getting rid of the excessive dark spots on your face. After all, beauty isn’t a pain in the ass.

5. Tata Harper

If you are wondering how Vanessa Hudgens keeps her skin in tip-top condition, the Queen of Coachella spills the tea for us on the brand’s post. Free from toxic chemicals, fillers, GMOs, artificial fragrances, and synthetic chemicals, Tata Harper’s skincare line is made for the green goddess in you.

For anyone suffering from bad breakouts, you can always count on Mother Nature’s finest medicine to save you from more unnatural damage. In spite of your bank teller chasing after you for late payment, every single piece is worth overdrawing your bank account.

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6. Pixi

In an interview with Into the Gloss, Jourdan Dunn dishes that this cult British brand’s famous Glow Tonic is the secret to maintaining her glow. If you want to get your glow well dunn (pun intended), you need to use it before you apply serum and moisturizer.

Can you believe that Pixi was founded by a former model?! (Are you also shook that this brand has been around for 19 years?)

7. 111 Skin

Every Victoria’s Secret Angel from Lily Aldridge to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley uses their sheet masks. Plus, Nick Jonas’ new squeeze and “Baywatch” baddie, Priyanka Chopra, counts on it, too.

Founded by a plastic surgeon and his wife, they collaborated with space scientists to create skincare that combats aging. Compared to most skincare brands, you can find great deals on sale!

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8. Frank Body

Instagram’s favorite octogeniaran keeps her skin clean with this Aussie brand’s aromatic coffee scrub. WARNING: Your shower will be messy, but your skin will be CRAZY soft! To all the coffee addicts out there, you can finally get your hands on the scrub of your dreams.

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