Cecil The Lion And Other Offensive Halloween Costumes You Shouldn’t Wear

As we’ve already established this month, choosing a Halloween costume can be tough.  However, for as much time as we spend discussing what you should wear, it’s only fair that we chat briefly about what you should never ever EVER wear under any circumstances.

Here’s an example:


Ashley Benson // Instagram

Wednesday afternoon, while most of us were shoving a sandwich into our faces and calling it a well-balanced lunch, Ashley Benson, one of our favorite pretty little liars, was putting on a tacky, gold velvet jumpsuit with a fur hood that some costume manufacturer had decided to pass off as a ‘Cecil The Lion’ Halloween costume.  However, Benson’s post asking her 9.3 million followers, “what do you guys think of this lion costume,” didn’t go over so well.  In fact, people were pretty pissed and deeply offended because how dare she capitalize on the death of a deeply beloved wild animal who’s premature death has basically been elevated to world tragedy status because people apparently have nothing better to care about.

So, just in case you thought it would be cute to dress up like Cecil the Lion for Halloween this year, you shouldn’t. Here’s a list of six other types of costumes you probably shouldn’t wear either:



Chris Brown // Instagram

Surprise, surprise, Americans just don’t think that dressing up like terrorists is that funny…unless your first name is Chris and your last name is The Worst Ever Brown.  In 2012, Breezy and his entire crew showed up to Rihanna’s Halloween party toting plastic guns and wearing full beards and robes.  As is always the case in life, when asking yourself whether or not you should do something, ask yourself: what would Chris Brown do?  Whatever he would do you should just plan on avoiding.



Getty Images

Even though this isn’t technically a Halloween costume, it’s not that big of a leap of faith to imagine some drunk, f*ckboy frat douche would think this was a brilliant idea.  While you may find dressing up like a convicted rapist and/or molester funny, most of the people you encounter in the outside world won’t.  Although kudos to Jeff Ross for bringing two sexy, scantily clad boys as an accessory – that’s a bad bitch move right there.

Anything that requires you to put on blackface:


Devone Byrd, PacificCoastNews/Jill Greenberg for Netflix

Why anybody would still think putting on blackface was ever okay is beyond me, but hey, I can’t believe our nation used to be okay with institutionalized slavery, so what do I know?  This Halloween, avoid the mistakes that both Julianne Hough made and don’t dress up like an African American performer or character if you’re not actually African American.  It’s just not cute.



The Sun // Stupidity

Even though there are people who think that the Holocaust didn’t actually happen, most human beings in possession of a brain are 100% confident that it did and generally categorize Nazis as evil scumbags who deserve to rot in Hell.  While dressing up like Satan is completely acceptable, dressing up like a Nazi is not going to put you only best dressed lists.

Anything that people would say “too soon” about:



Case in point: Cecil the Lion.  Another example: when Bill Maher dressed up like Steve Irwin with a bloody stingray barb hanging out of his chest a few months after Steve Irwin, you know, died because he got killed by a stingray.  People won’t be impressed by your ability to craft a topical Halloween costume, they’ll just think you’re an asshole.

Anything related to cultural appropriation:


This pisses people off year-round, and Halloween is no exception.  If you’re a blonde, 6’something German, don’t dress up like a Hindu god.  If you’re a rich, American hotel heiress, don’t dress up like a Native American.  The list could go on and on, but hopefully you get the point.

Happy Halloween, you guys – and please please please choose your costumes responsibly.




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