Girls Who Drink More Get More STDs, the CDC Says

It’s Thursday, a.k.a. the unofficial start of the weekend in terms of turning up, but the CDC is hellbent on killing your buzz before you even pick up your first drink.

The government organization just released a new infographic with enough booze-shaming facts to make you want to stay in. And this is just after they announced yesterday that their official stance on female drinking is that you shouldn’t do it unless you’re on birth control.

The CDC says women who drink more than eight alcoholic beverages a week are officially “heavy drinkers,” and that this puts them at a higher risk for injuries, violence, heart disease, cancer, and STDs.

It’s not that we don’t believe them or anything, and it’s always nice to be reminded that even when you’re feeling uninhibited, you should still practice safe sex. It’s just that we’re wondering where their similar graphic shaming men for “putting themselves at risk” is. Weird, huh?

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