Cayucas Isn’t A Stereotypical California Stoner Band

We fell in love with Cayucas after first hearing their addicting 2013 breakout single “High School Lover” and now, twin brothers Zach Yudin and Ben Yudin return with another record with its roots in California. But don’t think this means you’ll be seeing them by a bonfire singing stoner tunes anytime soon. Their upbeat sophomore effort, Dancing at the Blue Lagoon, impresses and shimmers with pop positivity.

While many assume Zach and Ben were in some kind of Von Trapp family, it actually wasn’t until college that the brothers first got into music. “We were kind of into that whole Ben Harper-Dave Matthews world,” Zach said. After finding inspiration from the greats of their era, Zach and Ben were inspired to pick up their guitars and start writing music.


Flash-forward to their debut record, Bigfoot, and Cayucas quickly championed catchy alt-pop anthems with lush ‘80s beats. “We try to write songs that are upbeat and make people dance and that’s more fun to play live anyway,” Zach said. While Dancing at the Blue Lagoon is a stylistic departure from their first record, it still has the same dancefloor sensibility and ode to their home state of California. “It’s about progressing that sound but I’m still all about writing songs about California,” Zach said.

While songs like “Hella“ recall the waves and carefree summers of California, don’t be quick to assume that Cayucas is just some sort of California stoner band. “We’re not these hippy guys playing acoustic guitar by the bonfire,” Zach said, “We’re actually more conservative and stressed out a lot.”


Despite the stresses that come with balancing their everyday and embarking on a hectic tour, the Yudin brothers are more than grateful for how their lives have turned out since their first college jam sessions. From the highs of post show to traveling to wonderful new cities on tour, Zach said, “being in a band and getting to be creative is a dream come true.”

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