CAT’s New Video Reminds Us It’s Still “Hard to Be a Woman”

I’m sure as a millennial you’re realizing that now’s not a great time for reproductive rights. But really, when you see those ladies in their 60’s at the protests with signs reading “I can’t believe I still have to protest this shit” — the truth is, the state of women’s rights has been way worse before. And really, it is unbelievable we still have to protest this same shit.

Singer, songwriter and all around beautiful person CAT has released a new single and a new video reminding us that through the decades, it has truly been “Hard to be a Woman.” Her video uses news footage of old protests, beauty pageants, and all other types of scenarios that show just what we’ve had to go through all these years being told what we need to be according to society.

CAT’s lyrics will likely strike a familiar chord with you as she sings about “needing to have a slimmer waist” and being asked constantly when you are going to have a child. She even appears as a vintage beauty queen for parts of the video which was inspired by a particular moment, “I just recently watched a beauty pageant and I just couldn’t believe that they still existed!” she says.

Check the video out here for “Hard to be a Woman,” and then peep our Q&A with the beautiful CAT below.

What inspired you to write “Hard to be a Woman”?

Well… just being a woman for one! I was going through a moment of really feeling all the pressures that women experience to succeed, to be beautiful, to never age, to have a family. It can be completely overwhelming and depressing at times. We live in a society where so much value is placed on how you look. It’s become unbalanced. Don’t get me wrong, I love and admire beauty and fashion and all those fun things, but I believe that we would all benefit from looking at how we can strengthen and cultivates our minds and our character and our hearts. Women have so much more to offer beyond their physical appearance.

The lyrics cover everything from “slimming your waist” to “being the boss and getting paid less” — do you feel that the lyrics cover most of the things women are concerned about?

I did my best to cover everything! But I’m sure I didn’t touch on all the things that concern women. Each Woman’s individual experience is unique but I think there is a common feeling of being undervalued or valued only for our looks. It’s exciting because I see a real movement happening that  is empowering women and people are expressing themselves in different ways and shattering old ideals. There’s is definitely a shift happening.

What inspired the “news clip” style of the video?

I love making videos and editing so I just started pulling up old footage of women from different eras and piecing it together. It really worked with the energy of the song so I just went with it.

Do you think that the usage of old footage shows how women have been sort of told what we need to do by society?

Yes, some of those old commercials are insane! So incredibly sexist! We’ve come along way in a lot of areas, but still stagnant in others. I think it takes a long time to break out of stereotypes and social norms, but it also show how resilient and persistent women can be. We are getting there!

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You appear in the video as a traditional beauty queen — what made you decide to do that?

I just recently watched a beauty pageant and I just couldn’t believe that they still existed! It seems so dated and silly, but at the same time fascinating. These women are choosing to be judged solely on their beauty and looking to find their worth in a crown and a title. At the same time, it’s such an iconic female image and it is really beautiful in a way. I thought it would be interesting to play that role and show the pain and vulnerability behind the smile and the wave.

Is there anything you think we can do make things easier to be a woman?

Women are the only ones that can change things for themselves. We blame society and men and they have played a role but we fell for it hook, line, and sinker! We just need to love ourselves more. I’m seeing more diversity happen in the fashion industry and on social media and that is amazing!  Women of all shapes, sizes, and colors need to be seen because there are so many different wonderful kinds of beauty. The women that are breaking the molds are the ones that are saying “Hey, even though I don’t meet the traditional standards of beauty, I like who I am! I’m worthy and fucking gorgeous!” I love seeing that and when you come in without attitude, people believe it. So more self love ladies!

What’s next for you for music/career?   

I want to just keep making songs that speak from my heart and hopefully people will wanna listen. I’m getting such wonderful feedback from fans and that is the most fulfilling feeling in the world.

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