Kate Nash Talks Crazy Tour Stories, Halloween Plans, And Jennifer Lawrence

On the eve of her North American headlining tour, singer Kate Nash sat down with us to discuss her beauty regiment, cracking her tooth with her cell phone, and fun Halloween plans! Check it out below, and pick up a copy of Kate’s latest album, GIRL TALK, NOW!

1. Describe your sound in 5 words.


2. What was your inspiration for the new song and video for “Fri-end?”?

The song is about bad friends. When I was younger everyone I knew I classed as a friend, then I got older and realized that not everyone you know is a friend and in fact some of the people in your life are really bad for you. I’ve got to the age where it’s time to cut out the bad and concentrate on the good.

3. Any fun Halloween plans?

Yes! We are going to be in Chicago on a day off and just by chance our friends band FIDLAR happen to be playing in Chicago that night! So we are going to mosh. We are also trying to figure out an idea for us all to go as a group. Any recommendations? There are 8 of us!

4. Craziest tour story?

Probably when I cracked my tooth off. I was kinda depressed at the time and I felt really bummed out after a show. We all went out to try and cheer me up, we ended up in a gay club doing jaeger bombs and dancing round poles. We got back to the hotel and I thought it was a good idea to jump over the reception at the hotel and steal a giant teddy bear. I tried to take a selfie of me and the bear on the bed together and dropped my phone directly onto my tooth and it smashed off instantly. I started crying, my band were all laughing at me and on top of that the hotel were threatening to call the police. I think there is funny picture of me somewhere holding the bear, and smiling like a crack toothed witch through my tears. Ridiculous, really.

5. What’s your beauty regiment?

I always take my make up off before bed, especially after a show! It’s hard to have a real beauty regime when you’re on tour, you always feel kind of dirty and gross. But I guess I use Dermalogica, Chanel foundation, Maybelline mascara, benefit blush, Ruby Woo MAC lipstick, MAC powder, and black eyeliner, I like messy hair and use L’Oreal hairspray. I love being in New York because it’s so easy to get your nails done, going for a man /pedi is one of my favorite things.

6. Favorite jams right now?

Potty Mouth – The Spins
The Aquadolls – Don’t mean Jack
The Tuts – I call you up

7. Who’s your style icon?

Third Degree Burns from Ladies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Stains.

8. Who’s your ultimate girl crush?

Jennifer Lawrence

9. What influences did you have growing up that shaped your music and sound?

My parents had great taste in music so I always remember hearing the Beatles, the rolling stones, Janis Joplin, Harry Nilson and Willie Nelson. My mum is Irish and we also listened to a lot of Irish folk, I think that’s where I get my storytelling nature from.

The first band I fell in love with was the spice girls, they’re the reason I’m into girl power and pop music. I was OBSESSED with them. Then it was like ballads and stuff and when I was 16 I got into more Indie Alternative stuff.

10. What’s the future looking like?

I’m excited about the release of Powder Room, a movie I shot in Britain last year, then I’m gonna spend some time in New York working on a musical. I’m doing all the music for a show called Only Gold. I feel very passionate about that so looking forward to spending some quality time on that project. Then I would like to get over to Australia and South America to tour this record some more.

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