Dog Whispering, When A Woman Tries Cat Calling

It’s payback time, and by payback I mean a social experiment to show how ridiculous the unwanted attention that comes in the form of catcalling, jeers and pick up lines are. Because while yes, my legs are fantastic, I am aware of this and do not need fruitless compliments. So, I’m about to serve up a big ol’ dish of gender equality by taking this, boys’ only activity and letting all the girls try it themselves, dog whispering, since most boys really are dogs.

According to The Week, the only proper and successful way to flirt is through eye contact and touching with a smile thrown in the mix (Where can I rent out a billboard so that guys can know this though?!) Instead I get guys shouting out “Ayo Ma, lemme get your #” from across the street at me.”

So I decided the only way to get retribution and for it to really be fair out there in this world of love is to hit on guys myself. I wanted to hit on guys the same way that guys hit on girls though, basically just like in this video. I did it in broad day light walking down a street. As he walked by I checked him out shamelessly and then said in my toughest sexy voice ever, “Wow you’re hot”.

The guy walking down the block looked around and didn’t know how to process what had just happened to him. I made extra sure to check out his bum as he walked past and then I watched as he hurriedly tried to get out of my gaze. “How about your number?” I tried to call out and stranger boy skedaddled without looking back at me.

I wonder if he’s going to remember this incident the next time he feels compelled to check out a chick.

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