Get Cassie Scerbo’s Island-Ready Beauty Routine In 5 Steps


Cassie Scerbo may call herself a tomboy at heart, but we see her as a pioneer of the simpler things in beauty. Don’t be fooled by her smokey stare – when I asked her which beauty look was trending for the season, she answered “It’s Summer! I’m enjoying being sun-kissed, just-got-back-from-an-island look.”

We can get on board with that. We always love a good red lip (yes, even for Summer), but the “less is more” style enhances one’s natural beauty and lets a person look dewey and fresh at all times. Especially because, face it, you have concerts to attend and beaches to romp and don’t have time for looks that take an hour to achieve. Not into carrying a bag? No worries, Cassie’s got you for one-time application. Bonus: you’ll have people asking if you just got back from a South-of-the-border vacation in no time.


1. To get the minimal meets sun-kissed look the Cassie way, first, enhance your base tan. Either soak up some rays (but don’t forget the SPF), or try out a natural looking self tan. Use Rodan + Fields Foaming Sunless Tanner for a glow without the UV exposure.

2. Now that you’re all perfectly glow-y, moisturize with MAC’s Strobe Cream, which hydrates to prevent peelage.

3. Get down and dirty (with makeup, I mean). Since tans can be imperfect, especially the natural ones, you need to even out your base. So when you apply your makeup, start by minimizing any potential blotches or tan lines by using Cassie’s favorite foundation by Bobbi Brown. Not only does it contain SPF 15, it wears long and hydrates your skin!

4. Then, keep your face-bone game strong by using a bronzer to contour. Cassie recommends Hoola by Benefit. Sweep it across your chin, cheekbones, and forehead to enhance your facial structure and make your tan even more true.

5. You’re halfway to Barbados by now. All that’s left are the eyes. Skip the liner or shadow (less is more, remember?), curl your lashes with a spoon from the kitchen, and lock it in with MAC’s Studio Lash Fix. It’s great because it’s super dark yet doesn’t clump, so you won’t comprimise your “no makeup” makeup. Basically, you could either dye your lashes black, or you can use this mascara.

6. Finally, the only thing your lips require to remain kissably bare is a swipe of Smith’s Rosebud Lip Salve. The sun can dry out your lips (did you know they are actually prone to burns?!) and the dry air can cause them to crack. This salve is an alternative to summertime chapstick. It is barely tinted, and provides a bunch of moisture and lasts for an eternity. And even though Cassie promised you wouldn’t have to apply anything twice, this is one you should bring everywhere. You can also use it to tame your brows and moisturize dry skin.

7. Your island girl look is complete! Wear it daily, nightly, or even on that island getaway.


Photos By Nate Taylor

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