Casseyette Talks New Music And Getting In The Zone

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Sexy darling Cassyette is a DJ, singer and producer who is about to blow up playlists everywhere. She has a new album, new single, the voice of an electro-angel and amazing style to compliment it all. We talked to Cassy about choosing song names, the evolution of her style, and most importantly – getting rid of pre-show jitters (tequila is essential). See it all, and peep the new single Panther Death Claw!

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Your new song, Panther Death Claw, just came out in early March. Is this your fave song you’ve ever made?

Yes! I had a lot of fun in the studio with this track. It’s really cold in London at the moment so I wanted to make something summery and tropical I can dance to…I love making music depending on my mood and I’ve been craving summer so bad, it’s perfect for right now. In the same breath I can almost guarantee the next song I make will become my new favorite when my vibe changes.

How did you decide on the name Panther Death Claw?

My friend Efi (who took the photos) always threatens to attack me with her “milky death claw” …. So I decided I needed a panther death claw to whoop her back.

How do you get “in the zone” before DJ’ing/ performing?

TBH I’m still quite new to it, so I do get nervous….. I guess a little tequila to take the edge off!

Your style reminds us of a modern day Marilyn with an extra dose of glam. Tell us a bit about the evolution of your style.

I love that! She is definitely an icon of mine. I love the timelessness of the classic pieces Marilyn wore and I love nothing more than to pimp out a classic outfit with a bit of glitz. Accessories are a massive part of my style and the 80’s really inspire my look. I’m such a sucker for 80’s movies, I’ve always taken a lot of inspiration from leading ladies like Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface and Kelly LeBrock in weird science, two of my favorites!

Ever have a major fashion disaster that you could share with us?

I went through a major phase of wearing too much double denim, which at one point became triple denim, which turns out is called a “Texan tuxedo”…then came the double leather. Let’s just say leather is one to avoid in the summer! I had to take the underground around London mid-July and my outfit basically hot-boxed my entire body. My best friend actually had to help me take it off because it had fused to my body! Never again!

Describe your typical beauty routine for every day.

I love experimenting with makeup. It’s my favorite part of getting ready before I play a set or go on a night out. I try and avoid wearing too much in the day so that I can keep my skin fresh. I’m using this great foundation at the moment by Rimmel called ‘Wake Me Up’ . It’s so natural but covers well.

Where’s your go-to place for finding out-of the box and quirky accessories that you know no one else will be wearing?

Beyond Retro (on Brick Lane) is super cool for vintage accessories they’ve always got something amazing tucked away… They play great music too.

Absolute favorite drink of all time?

Tequila!! But I recently got into good quality Mescal, the kind you drink from little clay dishes…. that stuff really brings out my bad side.

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