Caroline Vreeland Talks Her New EP And Music To Make Love To

Caroline Vreeland is fashion royalty. Her great-grandmother, Diana Vreeland, is the iconic editor-in-chief who Vogue whose presence and personality defined fashion history—if you haven’t watched the documentary about her, do so now. And if you haven’t heard Caroline Vreeland’s music, do that as well, right now. The singer-songwriter spent the summer working on her new EP, and is excited for the upcoming release, saying she can’t wait to see ‘how it makes people feel’.

What inspires your sound?

From a very young age, I was listening to music from all over the world because my dad is a diplomat, and I was always traveling. I was exposed to and was able to appreciate classical, reggae, and opera from a young age. I’m also creepily obsessed with Fiona Apple, and I fucking love Kanye. 

 What track on your album do you love?

My favorite song on the EP is called “The Bird Project.” I wrote it about my grandfather right after he passed away. He was the first man in my family that believed in me, and I call it “The Bird Project” because when I was twelve, he called my mom and my sister over to his house for an “urgent meeting.” I thought I was in trouble. When we got there, on the dinner table was a big pamphlet turned face down and an easel in the corner. We turned over the pamphlet and it says “Project Warbler.” It was literally him coming up with ideas for me to get involved in the music scene in the Bay Area. It pays homage to him.  

Favorite designer? 

Long story short: Yves Saint Laurent. He made women feel like they could be a little more masculine. 

What music do you make love to? 

The Weeknd’s first record, House of Balloons. Beach House’s album Bloom, and Chet Baker of course.  

Who would you like to collab with musically? 

Fiona Apple, Young Thug, and Kendrick.  

What are your thoughts on social media? 

First, I shied away from social media. My dear best friend Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea told me, “Bitch, you’re a fool!” She said, “You claim that the most important thing about your music is connecting with people. How can you not have an Instagram?” It’s such an important tool for my music because I can be close and intimate with the people listening to my music. Being close and intimate with people is the most important thing in the world.  

What’s next for you? 

Well, I’ve been working on my EP for the past year. Finally, it’s going to come out. We’re going to do it song by song, and the first video is for the song “Black Summer.” I’m just really, really excited to see how it makes people feel.  

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