Supermodel Carol Alt Says Go Raw, Get Gorgeous


Carol Alt, the original supermodel, has been busy—in May, she’ll release her new book, A Healthy You, in addition to debuting a website let us mere mortals in on her beauty secrets. Carol swears by the raw food diet (browsing her Galore shoot was all the convincing I needed) and here, she shares her tips and tricks to going raw and feeling great.


What’s the best part about eating raw? What’s the hardest part?

When I was 34, I had grey hair, was bloated, gaining weight, and I had no energy. I had so many sinus infections. The minute I changed to a raw food diet, my energy picked up, my confidence brightened, and my hair and skin got so much better. I never get sick anymore! The hardest part about a raw food diet is having to think about what you want to eat. People don’t want to think anymore. thats the biggest issue with food prep in general; everything is processed or prepackaged.

What’s the number one health or fitness rule you live by?

Choose properly. Treat yourself right. It’s about enjoying real flavor of food, and eating until you’re full and satiated, and not feeling bloated and feeling disgusting.

How can people transition into the raw food way of life?

First of all, don’t go fast. Try things out first, test things out, find what you like! You’re not going to like everything. Whatever you find you like, get a bunch of it into your house. If you decide to go raw, go slow! And don’t be vegan—it’s impossible. Food is the most important thing we do. It’s the most powerful drug we have, and it can anti-age us, keep us healthy, keep us slim, gives us energy, and keep us beautiful.

Are there any health fads you see people following that are total BS?

I’ve tried every diet there is. I didn’t care about health, all I thought about was about being a size 4. I’ve done the Beverly Hills diet, I’ve done the Mediterranean diet.  A fad just can’t become a lifestyle, because it’s all about deprivation. The amazing thing about raw food is that it’s about abundance. You can eat whatever you want, as long as you prepare it in the right way. I just made oatmeal cookies!

What do young girls need to know to keep looking great into their 50s?

Find a doctor who understands homeopathy and who can guide you through life and answer your questions without just prescribing pills. Stay away from anything processed! Stay away from processed food, water, and beauty products.


What’s the one piece of advice you blew off when you were younger but now wish you had followed?

Don’t cook your vegetables. Vegetables are healthier if you eat them raw.

What’s the best beauty tip you got on a photoshoot?

[Laughs] I actually forgot all beauty tips that I got on photoshoots, because I’ve changed my lifestyle so much. Actually, that’s not true—two years ago, a makeup artist told me about Rosemary Swift makeup. It’s full of vitamins and minerals. It’s amazing, and great for your skin.

Your new site features an online shop. What kind of products will be available, and what’s your personal favorite thing you carry?

I’ll be selling my books and products that will help maintain a healthy life. It’s hard to know what sources to trust, so I really want to make health accessible to people. I always carry around my cold-pressed olive oil and Power Organic Himalayan sea salt, so I can eat anywhere.

It’s funny, because people always think raw food is going to taste horrible, but I’ve had raw dessert, and it’s delicious!

Actually, when I was shooting the Galore cover, some raw desserts were sent over, and everybody in the studio was loving them! It’s incredible what you can do with a little ingenuity.

A Healthy You will be released May 12, 2015

All photos courtesy of Antoine Verglas

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