Carmen Electra Seduces Her Fans Once Again With A Brand New Lube Line

At 43 years old, Carmen Electra is still one of the world’s biggest sex symbols, and she knows it. After initially gaining fame from a pictorial in Playboy Magazine, a role on the infamous television show Baywatch and dancing with the Pussycat Dolls, Carmen made a very sexy name for herself. Men wanted to date her, women wanted to be her, and Carmen recognized this superpower, then used it to her advantage. Between a show on MTV, a slew of feature films and now a lube line, she’s seduced her loyal fanbase and capitalized on herself. Since 1996, Carmen’s done it all, yet she also feels as though she’s only getting started.

“I remember a time, when I first started in the business, where people were hired simply to promote a product that already existed. Now you see much more involvement,” Carmen reflected. Whether it be Kim Kardashian’s contract with Hype Energy Drink or Jennifer Aniston’s relationship with Aveeno, consumers are no stranger to celebrity-endorsed products. In recent years, celebrities have taken their power a step further by creating their own products from start to finish. Jessica Alba recently made headlines for building her $1 billion Honest Company and Gwyneth Paltrow has found success in her lifestyle website, Goop. Carmen Electra is taking a lesson from the times with her own line of female-centric personal lubricants, Electra By Carmen Electra. “Audiences today are smart and they know when you’re being sincere,” Carmen said. Created by the biggest sex symbol of our time and backed by sex toy giant Fleshlight, Electra by Carmen Electra sincerely makes sense.

Galore Mag Carmen Electra

Mallory Llewellyn: What’s different about Electra from other female-centric lubricants?

Carmen Electra: The biggest complaint amongst women in sex is about their pH levels. That was something that really interested me during my meeting with Freshlight. I felt that it was a really important problem to fix. I have a flavor that was formulated specifically for women to help maintain a healthy pH balance level. As a woman, we all want that [Laughs].

ML: Oh, so it’s like Summer’s Eve wash, only lube! Have you ever tried weed lube?

CE: No! What does it do? Do you get high?

ML: Yeah, you get so high!

CE: I’d definitely try that, it seems like fun. That’s the first I’ve heard of it though. This product has become a learning process for me as I go. I’m learning so much by talking to people like you, or talking to experts in the sex world. This is just so fun for me. I keep getting more and more ideas!

ML: What have people been telling you?

CE: At first even I felt kind of weird going into interviews about it because it does get a little more personal, but now I’m truly embracing what people are telling me. When I went on The Emily Show on KROQ she mentioned that lube is really helpful when using condoms because it makes sex more comfortable. You know, it’s interesting because the importance of condoms is preached early on when being promoted for safe sex, but you never hear anything about lube. I’m in a long-term relationship, so I’m not having casual sex, but I was glad she told me that, because I think it’s important for women to know.

ML: What made you decide to start a business in the sex product/sex toy industry?

CE: To be honest with you, sex isn’t so taboo as it once was. It’s the same thing as how burlesque or stripping were thought of as forbidden at one time. A lot has changed and people are more open about sex and their own sexuality even, so this business doesn’t sound like such a scary thing to do. For me, sex is just a part of living and it should just be fun!

ML: You’re right. I feel like lube will become something that you see on people’s countertops, just like anything else. Using lube can be an intimidating conversation between you and your partner though. Do you have any advice for bringing it up?

CE: Just be confident about it. If you feel uncomfortable with anything you’re trying to experiment with during sex then your partner is going to sense that you feel that way. You never know, they might be thinking, “Thank god I’ve been waiting for this!” If it’s something you want to try for the first time, don’t have any second thoughts, just do it. I’m sure that your partner would want to use it as well because that means more sex for them [Laughs].

ML: How has this process been different for you from anything you’ve done in entertainment?

CE: It’s actually really fun, it’s like the same thing as making music for me. I don’t have anyone telling me what to do. With choreography or for a show there’s people who help guide me, but it’s really my baby. Now I get to feel that way with the Electra lube.

ML: I’m sure it’s different in a lot of ways too.

CE: I was really interested to see ideas in my general meeting with Fleshlight. I didn’t know what to expect but they were really open to doing whatever I wanted. When the subject of lube came up, we really connected and felt like it would be the right choice. If you have a product that’s something you invented or are a part of, I’ve learned you just have to make sure it’s something you love and that is a part of your everyday life.

ML: So you believe in it completely?

CE: I was really hands on with trying different flavors and figuring out what I liked. Here we are, I believe in this product and I know it works.

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