Carmen Electra Likes It Loud!




OMFG Alert: Carmen Electra has premiered her super sexy (obvi!) music video for “I Like It Loud” and now all is right in the world. *Breathes in, breathes out* Yes, you heard that right, kittens! The bombshell-of-all-bombshells is snatching pop star weaves/multicolored wigs left and right and showing these other meat dress-clad starlets how it’s done. It’s a no brainer that Electra would seriously serve the kids with some sartorial-slaying realness. See: a cleavage-spilling, blindingly bright The Blonds corset, a killer nail game, and a slew of purrfect hair styles — mine personally being the bad ass side cornrows look… Bo Derek, eat cha <3 out! Oh, and I see you puffing that electronic cigarette, girl! As for the tune, it is a MAJOR arm-flailing, booty-bouncing-friendly club banger and my soon-to-be most played jam on my workout playlist. And let’s talk about the super sassy way in which our girl fires off amazing lyrics like “Getcha camera out, Instagram us!”and “You like that Lana Del Rey pout!”, which will def result in the gays losing their minds on many an international dance-floor whilst Ke$ha cries several tequila tears.

At long last, the pop goddesses have answered my endless prayers. THIS is Galore’s type of pop star, kittens.  I’m just bummed that Electra didn’t ask me to hit the town with her and her fab club kid posse (I see you, Cazwell!) BUT there’s always her next music video, which, duh, I’m totally available for… Carmen, call me maybe?!

After my 350u72597237th time watching the immaculateness that is the “I Like It Loud” music video, I found myself partaking in a major Carmen Electra YouTube-ing marathon. Here are some of my favorite finds. They are UH-F***ING-MAZING.Warning: don’t be like me, and try your best not to faint.

Oh, and before all of that amazingness, let’s take a moment and watch the best GIF in the universe. CarmenElectra-Baywatch220

In other words…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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