Carlson Young Stars In An MTV Show And Also Majors In Creative Writing

Carlson Young is the lead character in the new MTV series, Scream but she’s also a part-time student at USC majoring in creative writing. How did the 24-year-old begin the rise to new heights in her career? She was scouted in her hometown, Fort Worth, then moved to Los Angeles, where she began lighting up screens with roles in shows such as True Blood, Key and Peele, and As the Bell Rings. Now, she’s wrapped up her first season starring in TV-show remake of the recently-deceased Wes Craven’s cult classic, Scream as Brooke Maddox, the high school mean girl in this quirky slasher series. The series just got picked up for its second season, so to prepare for next season, check out the interview below to get an exclusive look into Carlson’s life as an actress, student and whether she’s team Jennifer or Angelina.

You’re a creative writing major! How does creative writing help you with your acting? What’s your favorite book right now?

Creative writing has been a wonderful component to acting, mostly because I am constantly reading amazing essays and poetry, which has been really inspiring while I write my own scripts. I feel like keeping my brain engaged and challenged academically has been so helpful in the midst of work and auditions. I just finished Mayakovsky’s Revolver by Matthew Dickman. That’s one of my favorites right now- I’m a huge fan of his.

We love your hair—very Brigitte Bardot-esque. Who are your biggest fashion influences? 

Well, I do love the 60s. Brigitte Bardot is most definitely a big fashion influence for me. That being said, I’m a Valentino fiend. I try to stay classic with a modern edge.

As a face of the new era of MTV shows, how do you feel? Did you watch a lot of MTV when you were younger? If so, which shows were your favorite? Remember “Next”?

I’m so excited to be a part of MTV’s Scream. I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity. I think it’s going to be a really fun show—we’re all bringing our A game. I watched MTV all the time when I was younger, and yes of course I remember “Next.” I think the real question is… Do you remember “Pimp My Ride“?

What’s your favorite scary movie? Have you ever seen a ghost in a real life?

The Shining. Hands down. I think I’ve seen it twenty times and it does not get any less terrifying. That movie is gorgeous. As far as ghosts are concerned, I once had a weird experience at the girls summer camp I used go to when I was younger, Camp Waldemar. I was sick in the infirmary over night, and I couldn’t sleep. All of a sudden, the door to my room just slammed shut. I remember hyperventilating I was so scared. Other than that, I’ve been scot-free. And I’d really prefer it stay that way.

What are three beauty products you can’t live without?

Can’t live without my sunscreen, my Clé de Peau concealer, and my Oribe hair texturizing spray.

What’s your favorite kind of social media?


If you could live in any other time period, which would it be, and why?

That’s always a hard question for me, but I’ll go with the 1920s. I could definitely get down with some raging 1920s Gatsby parties.

How do you prepare for shooting scenes? 

My character, Brooke, is really exciting to play. Before scenes I like to blast John Maus in my trailer and channel Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks.

Team Angelina or Team Jennifer?

I think they’re both talented and beautiful. How does one decide these things? I guess I’ll say Angelina because her life appears to be nothing short of majestic. I mean, let’s get real…


Photo courtesy of Ben Miller

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