Cardi B just completely shut down Azealia Banks’ attempt at a feud

Cardi B has had a phenomenal summer ’17. Her hit single “Bodak Yellow” literally climbed its ass up the charts all the way to the #1 spot on Billboard hot 100. A female rapper hasn’t been able to have a solo single hit #1 in 19 years, when queen Lauryn Hill reigned supreme with her single “Doo Wop (That Thing)”.

Everybody from Nicki Minaj to Remy Ma has been super supportive of Cardi B’s explosive come up. Everybody except for the black sheep of the rap game, Azealia Banks.

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On Wednesday, Azealia Banks (on her new burner account, because Twitter banned her official one…) started the beef by going on a rant on twitter explaining the pitfalls of female rap:

She then went on to discuss how “intelligent” female rappers tend to get looked over for other rappers:

Finally, Azealia ends with her thoughts on how female rap deserves more than just the “Nicki Minaj business model”:

Cardi B definitely caught the shade being thrown her way, because Cardi decided to throw back THE WHOLE ENTIRE TREE.

One of the reasons Bodak Yellow went #1! Cuz even the HATERS love it!

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Cardi B’s clapback was HEAVY-HANDED SISSSS. Not only did she catch Azealia Banks in the club repeating EVERY. WORD. of “Bodak Yellow,” she put her on blast with the classy shade “Cuz even the HATERS love it!”

From that point on, The Shade Room caught Azealia Banks throwing some more subtle shade underneath J White’s (the producer who made “Bodak Yellow”) photo:

Well ok sis

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Finally, Azealia starts wildin out of control and starts spreading allegations against Cardi on her IG story:

Somebody come get #AzealiaBanks #CardiB View previous POSTS

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Cardi had enough sense to not let Azealia’s foolishness mess up her grind, so she stopped entertaining her. However, Cardi’s little sister, Hennessy Carolina, was not about to allow that type of disrespect fly by like that so she couple of things to get off her chest as well:

Oop! #CardiB ‘s sis #Hennessy said “Tag Me In!” #hennessycarolina vs. #azealiabanks

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All in all, Azealia Banks looked like a hater because she came for Cardi B’s authenticity, intelligence, and grind. If Azealia Banks could put in the hustle Cardi B is putting in, and stop feeding into these one sided beefs, MAYBE JUST MAYBE people will start to realize how much of a bomb ass rapper she truly is. But until then, the whole world will keep rocking with Cardi’s boss moves. Do better Azealia.

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