Don’t Avoid The Bread Basket: The Carbohydrate Myth Debunked


Carbs, man. The word itself strikes fear into the hearts of babes. For as long as I can remember, the reflex answer when faced with the question of a bread basket (or a giant plate of spaghetti, a bagel, what have you) is “none for me, thanks.” Because carbs? They’re Satan in a neat little Wonder Bread package.


Or that’s what we all think. Most of the girls I know swore off carbs for absolutely no reason, way before gluten-free and wheat allergies were trendy. Carbohydrates are used for energy, and if they go unused, your body converts them to glyceride, street name “fat”. Even if you don’t know the science behind it, you have probably thought at one point or another, “carbs make you fat”, and made a resolution to stay off the starch.

But unfortunately, everyone who denies themselves starchy goodness in the name of health is most likely failing miserably. Your body needs carbs. NEEDS THEM TO LIVE. Without carbs, you have no energy to do shit like read this article. And carbs are found in fruits, honey and sugar, so if you think you’re avoiding them by frequenting the Whole Foods produce department, think again.


If you have by some miracle managed to avoid all starch, the fact remains that carbohydrates are our most basic form of energy. Although starch is the body’s preferred method for retaining carbs, if you cut them out of your diet, your body will be forced to convert proteins from meats and veggies into carbs to be used as energy. By cutting the starch you are denying yourself happiness and making it more difficult for your body to get what it needs to thrive and survive.

Bottom line, whatever you eat, your body will convert it to carbs. So hurry up and order some damn croissants. 

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