Cara Pulls Naomi’s Weave Over Our Favorite Bad Gal


Holy French gods, Paris Fashion Week has been far from boring this year. From Chanel’s inventive show à la French café, to Zoolander’s epic guest appearance at Valentino, what could possibly happen next? Screaming, pushing and weave pulling, that’s what! Apparently at Dasha Zhukova’s Garage Magazine party on Sunday, model babes Cara Delevingne and Naomi Campbell were up in arms, but what caused the two queens to fight?! None other than our favorite bad bitch, Rihanna. Surprised? Neither was I. Although there are many missing parts to the story, it was reported that Naomi was shouting because she felt that Cara was disrespecting Rih, and this pissed the British beauty off, leading to her pulling Naomi’s weave (which, no, did not come off).

Now, our only questions are:

1. Does anyone (please) have a video of the cat fight?

2. What does the bad gal think about all of this?

3. Will the two fashion gals ever make up?

We may never know.


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