Cara Delevingne Is Bringing Back Your Favorite Punk Accessory: The Lip Ring

We used to covet lip piercings on the grungiest of skater boys, but now, Cara Delevingne makes the case for rocking them ourselves. The model’s been spotted with a statement lip multiple times over this past week and we can’t deny how badass it looks. Monday night, Delevingne was seen at the Chanel Exhibition Party with the adornment right in the middle of her bright crimson painted lips. The lip accessory was the perfect blend of a little edge added to her otherwise girly black dress and embellished choker combo. A few days earlier, she was seen rocking a double lip ring paired with a classic menswear look. Depending on your choice of jewelry, the lip ring can be a subtle or bold look, if you’re brave enough to carry it off. If you want to cop Cara Delevingne’s exact piece, she’s wearing the single lip ring in 18k yellow gold and white diamonds by ESTABLISHED Jewelry. An alternative is to repurpose your faux septum rings or earcuffs to change up your look without any commitment and feel like the punk you’ve secretly always wanted to be.


Images via Getty Images

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