Can’t Make It To Ibiza For Madd’s Euro Rave? Listen To Her Set Playlist, Here!

Earlier this week, DJ Madison Louch gave us an inside look at her EuroTour debut, and today she clued us in on the music to watch out for this Fall. “Everyone is going through a super deep house vibe lately, but I have this feeling that towards Fall and Winter DubStep and Trap will have a huge comeback,” she revealed. Maybe you’re on board with that, but if you’re not a DubStep fanatic, you can still refresh your music library.”Look out for anything that the artists Jauz or JackU put out!” She told us. We can barely wait for more Juaz remixes to grace SoundCloud, or for Diplo and Skrillex to once again collab as JackU. And as we wait for their new releases, we’re working out our fist-pumping arms in anticipation of the DubSteppin’ days to come.

We were still left wishing that we could fly all the way to Spain to attend one of Madds kick-ass sets. We couldn’t stand the thought of completely missing out on the quintessential Summer rave, and feeling the vibe through her Twitter and Instagram feeds just couldn’t hold a candle to the real experience. Even if we can’t be there to sweat in the crowd with a thousand drug-fueled vacationers as the DJ spins her beats, we can at least have half the fun, because the bass-lover shared her tour playlist with us, which we’ll be blasting as we say farewell to Summer. Plug in your headphones or just turn your computer’s volume to the maximum and press play for some electro-dance faves.

Can’t Get Enough? Click Madds SoundCloud For More Tunes!

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