Can You Guess Which Celebrity’s Taken The Sexiest Selfie of 2015?

Hate them or love them, but selfies are here to stay.  While it can kind of annoying when your friends, family and acquaintances flood your newsfeeds with selfies, when celebrities do it, nobody’s upset. Especially if the celebrities in question look hot, which they often do.

Since Galore is all about bombshells, what could be more fitting than collecting the sexiest celebrity selfies of the year so far and putting them all in one document for your viewing pleasure?  Oh, what’s that? Literally nothing you say. Our thoughts exactly. From the nearly nude to the relatively clothed, we’re counting down the top sexy celebrity selfies, 
and don’t worry, we’re saving the best for last.


Selena Gomez // Instagram

While incredibly clothed and showing absolutely zero cleavage, the look in Selena’s eyes let’s you know that you can come and get it whenever, and wherever you please.


Ashley Benson // Instagram

Even all laced up, Ashley Benson still manages to be one the sexiest girls on Instagram.  Jealous.


Serena Williams // Instagram

Serena may not have won the US Open, but that booty is worth its weight in solid gold.  Eat your heart out, Drizzy.


Bella Hadid // Instagram

Speaking of booty, in this picture, Bella is teasing her assets, and inspiring crushes around the world.


Rita Ora // Instagram

Despite releasing a questionable single with Chris Brown earlier this year, there’s nothing questionable about Rita Ora’s sex appeal in this selfie.


Demi Lovato // Instagram

She may have been all about being cool for the summer, but this summer, Demi was looking hot.


Kylie Jenner // Instagram

Earlier this year, Kendall and Kylie went on vacation and gave us all a lot to be jealous of.


Jennifer Lopez // Instagram

Whereas Jennifer Lopez gives us a lot to be jealous of every time she steps in front of a camera.


Jourdan Dunn // Instagram

As if we needed to feel worse about ourselves, it’s worth noting that Jourdan Dunn probably woke up like this.


Kim Kardashian // Instagram

The Internet freaked out when Kim Kardashian posted this selfie because pregnant women are not supposed to look anywhere near this good.  Then again, Kim isn’t a normal human being, she’s a Kardashian, which everyone knows is next to godliness.


Nicki Minaj // Instagram

While we’re sure the sitcom based on Nicki Minaj’s life will get lots of awards, nothing will ever come close to Nicki Minaj’s two golden globes.


Shay Mitchell // Instagram

Pretty Little Liars may have 99 problems, but Shay Mitchell isn’t one.


Rihanna // Instagram

No matter what she is (or isn’t) wearing, Rihanna is always one of the sexiest women on the planet.


Emily Ratajkowski // Instagram

And so is Emily Ratajkowski.


Gigi Hadid // Instagram

A few days ago, Gigi Hadid posted an Instagram message dedicated to all her haters, but how anybody could find anything to hate on her body is beyond me.


Christina Aguilera // Instagram

And let’s give it up for Christina Aguilera for still looking hot after all those kids.


Lea Michele // Instagram

When she’s not busy narrowly avoiding her own untimely demise on Scream Queens, Lea Michele can be found lounging in the pool and posing for her very own Sports Illustrated cover.


Miley Cyrus // Interview Magazine

And what list of the sexiest selfies would be complete without an entry from Miley Cyrus, who may love her nipples even more than she loves peace.


Kylie Jenner // Instagram

And last, but not least, we have Kylie Jenner.  Enough said.

Who do you think had the sexiest selfie of them all?  

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