How You Can Learn To Code & Get That Tech Shmoney

Technology is a male-dominated industry, that’s for sure. But it’s also one of the fastest growing industries in the world — and the pay is ridiculous.

Plus, it’s fun. And the feeling of creating new worlds through code shouldn’t only belong to men.

Tech can be kind of a shit-show when it comes to misogyny and sexism in the workplace, but having more women in tech roles will help cut down on that problem. So if designing the next Snapchat has ever felt like something that would interest you, here are some resources for potentially making it your career.

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1. Khan Academy

This site is a multimedia resource on subjects like math, science, and computer programming. Even my 11-year old cousin has a Khan Academy account. It’s great for all ages without making you feel dumb. You can learn multiple computer languages with the luxury of videos and sample projects. My favorite resource.

2. Code Academy

CA offers courses in Javascript, Python, and other key coding languages. Some of the site’s features are paid but inexpensive.

3. Girl Develop It

GDI is a non-profit organization providing low-cost events (some are just $20!) to teach programming skills. The materials section has some great introductory tutorials.

4. Ladies Learning Code

This site offers a roadmap with introductory materials and events in different countries for web design and graphic design. It’s a not-for-profit organization that motivates women to become tech builders, not just consumers.

5. Women’s Coding Collective

The WCC is a web development community that offers 2 week online courses for $50 in HTML, CSS Styling, and Python. More courses are currently in the works for Javascript and Intermediate CSS.

6. Django Girls

DG is a non-profit organization that organizes free workshops in HTML, CSS, Python, and Django. They also have great resources for learning online.

7. SkillCrush

This site offers free 10-day bootcamps and inexpensive career programs in coding and web development that are easily translatable to a career. All of their courses outline exactly how much money people typically make in each field.

8. Rails Girls Guides

RGG provides events all over the world that teach coding skills. The website also includes guides for building and launching apps.

9. Codebar

Codebar provides a list of tutorials for coding and programming, plus a bunch of events that are exclusive to women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and other members of underrepresented minorities.

10. W3 Schools

The OG resource for HTML, CSS, and Javascript tutorials. It also includes tons of links to let you practice.

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