Can Dinah Lohan Find Love On The Millionaire Matchmaker?

As if you really needed another reason to watch Bravo’s guilty pleasure reality show The Millionare Matchmaker, Dina frickin Lohan is going to be on the season finale which airs this Sunday.

In this clip from Bravo’s website, Patti sits down with Linday’s 50-year-old mother for the requisite one-on-one interview. Almost immediately, after being asked if she’s going to be a diva, Dina warms your heart when she replies, “That’s not this Lohan.”  Dina’s looking for a somebody “who loves family, who’s funny, [and] ambitions,” and preferably looks like her celebrity crush, Liam Neeson.


Even though a more recent clip has shown Dina walking out on her mixer, proving that mom’s can be diva’s too, we wish Dina Lohan the best of luck this Sunday (even though the episode has already filmed) and can’t wait to find out if this mom-ager finally gets a stroke of luck when it comes to love.

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