Can you believe Mariah Carey invented Christmas in 1994?

In a world where December is synonymous with Christmas, we really have to question where the origins of this holiday come from. Sure, we’ve been celebrating “Christmas” since the “birth” of “Jesus” about “2000” years ago, but where did this phenomenon truly begin?

Sure, there were the nativity scenes, which your parents probably remember as the “real meaning of Christmas,” but none stack up to Mariah Carey, who singlehandedly made Christmas the iconic holiday we know and love today with her music video for “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

You think I’m kidding? Have you ever wondered why everyone wants a white Christmas? It’s because it snowed in Mariah’s music video, and she makes the snow and playing in it look so much more glamorous than it actually is, and therefore, everyone wants snow.

But hold onto your seats people, that’s not all!

She also invented the concept of naughty and nice. Mariah’s then husband played Santa in this video, and as you can tell in between the shots of them rolling around together in the snow, she was DEF being naughty and that’s why there’s a naughty list.

Furthermore, no one would give a shit about the color of the fucking Starbucks cup if Mariah Carey hadn’t designated red as the official color of Christmas by wearing it all throughout this video.

Speaking of red, no one sexed up a Santa costume like she did. That “Mean Girls” scene where they dress up as sexy Santas wouldn’t have existed without Mariah’s video. Your basic heart would break.

And can we talk about the fucking zoo she pulls out from under the tree? Two dogs, a bird, two bunnies, and then she tops it off by getting in a REAL sleigh with REAL reindeer?

All these signs point to one status for this video: iconic. And truly, no one would even like playing Christmas music without Mariah’s voice in there somewhere. So, make sure you thank Mariah for Christmas, and watch the video below and truly bask in how great it is.

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