Can a Drink Really Save You From a UTI?

Trying to avoid the dreaded UTI? You’ve probably been taught to down a whole lot of cranberry juice and pee after sex regularly in an effort to put a stop to painful and bothersome urinary track infections. But, now there’s a new elixir that packs a powerful punch against pesky bacterial infections that are sure to ruin your week, and temporarily, your sex life. It’s called Uquora, it’s a powdered supplement to add to your water, (a la emergen-c) and it just might be revolutionizing the way we deal with urinary track infections.

Uquora works by combining specific vitamins and minerals and a bacteria inhibiting carbohydrate D-Mannose to deliver an effective guard against UTIs by both boosting your immune system, increasing the amount you urinate (to help you flush out your system and the bacteria that hunkers down in your track that causes those infections), and inhibits bacteria from thriving inside your body’s urinary track. It’s a good alternative from harsh antibiotics which can be devastating to your digestive system.

Is it a foolproof method? No–but according to clinical studies, Uquora can signifigantly reduce the likelihood of you contracting a UTI. So, next time you have sex or just “forget” to shower for a week, you might want to make sure you have some Uquora on hand, it’s might save you a huge pain in the ass, er… urethra.

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