Cam Meekins Released His New Album, And Is Dreaming About…

It seems like so long ago that artists like Asher Roth and Mac Miller were dominating the world of ‘Frat Rap.’ Now, instead of every college dude thinking he’s the next Slim Shady, they seem to be emulating someone more along the lines of Diplo. While Cam Meekins began building a fan base at age 17, he’s always stuck out from the other East Coast artists rapping about sorority girls and games of beer pong. Now 22, Cam is releasing Stories From The Green Line, which he describes as “essentially just my life and the things that inspire me.” We caught up with Cam to discuss writing love songs in 2015, waking up in bed with a stranger; and his new album, of course.


In your song “Young, Dumb, and Depressed,” you touch on the idea of how our generation would prefer to be numb than have feelings. Do you see that changing in our generation for the future?

I think it’s just a weird time with social media and the way that young people are living life. I think there’s less natural relationships going on and more people just fucking around and stuff, being very closed off to emotions and not straightforward. People feel like they need to protect themselves. That’s how I see it, I don’t know where it’s going in the future.

Do you find that girls are impressed that you’re a rapper, or that they make negative assumptions about you?

I think there are definitely certain people who come into my life because of who I am not what I’m about. But, for the most part I try to surround myself with people, especially girls, who are cool with their own shit and they don’t care that I’m a rapper or whatever. You can never really know what people’s intentions are once you become a musician or anyone with a little bit of influence. Who knows if they’re just fucking with you just because you have like 30,000 followers?

Have you or would you ever hook up with a fan?

I’ve definitely hooked up with people who know who I am. I don’t think that was the main reason we were attracted to each other though, so yes and no.

Do girls tend to know when your songs are about them? Do you ever tell a girl when a song is about her?

For sure. With me, for the most part, almost all my songs that are about relationships or a particular girl, it’s pretty straightforward who it’s about. I know for a fact that some people know because we’ve talked about it or whatever. I usually am pulling it from a particular situation, like a relationship I’ve had, but building on it in a more general way. Maybe taking aspects from another relationship too and blending it into a whole story. I definitely get a lot of inspiration from relationships. Even girls that I don’t know very well, I will end up writing some of my most deep songs about. I heard that ‘Hey There Delilah’ by Plain White T’s was about a girl that he met on the road that he doesn’t even know. I totally see how that could be a thing because sometimes you just get in love with the idea of somebody, that can be the biggest inspiration. Glorifying that makes me write amazing music. I do that all the time.

Have you heard of the unicorn effect?

No, what’s that?

It’s kind of what you’re talking about. When you meet someone and you build them up in your head, but then when you actually get to be with them it’s a let down.

I get caught up in that shit all the time, it’s probably one of my negative traits, but whatever.

What are the top three things a girl needs to do to be bae material for you?

Down to talk about some real shit. Real life shit like music, current events, whatever­–Intelligence, I guess. Independence, just doing their own thing. I think looks are important too, but not just like they have to be ‘hot,’ I think that confidence is 99% of looks. If I see a girl really feeling herself, then that’s dope.

If you wake up in bed with a stranger, what’s your go-to move?


[Laughing] Leave before they wake up?

Yeah probably. Or hope that they leave before I wake up, because I sleep hella late.

High sex or drunk sex?

Wow. That’s such a hard question, there’s so many positives for both. I gotta say high sex for sure, but they’re both fun.

What’s the freakiest thing a girl has asked you to do during sex?

Wow, these questions are getting intense now…Dude, I don’t even know, people have asked me some weird things, not that I’ve necessarily done them… I plead the fifth on that question.

What has inspired your new album, Stories From the Green Line?

The green line is the subway that runs up and down my neighborhood in Boston. [The album] is essentially just my life and the things that inspire me in my life. Relationships, friends, family, partying, being young, just talking about different stories that happened that inspired me to write certain lyrics. I can think of any given lyric that I’ve written and remember the time that caused me to write it. For me, I’m 22 now, my friends are graduating college, I’m just living my life as a young early 20’s person.


You have committed to donating $20,000 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention if you get 5,000 pre-orders on your new album, why the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and not another foundation?

From a more serious side, there have even been times when I’ve written about suicide in my songs, and there have been times when I’ve been personally affected by it. People close to my family, people I’ve worked with in the music industry have lost their lives to suicide. It’s obvosiuly a terrible thing, but that foundation in particular is a great one. I was really inspired by the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, obviously that’s not the scale of what I’m doing, but I wanted to use my small influence in my social media circle to put some people on to a foundation that I thought was doing great things.

Who’s your dream collaboration?

Kid Cudi would probably be number one. I mean, it would be crazy to work with Kanye or one of those dudes, but they’re just so big… Even dudes who are popping off now, I’d love to do something with G-Eazy.

If a fan was going to Boston, where would you tell them to go?

Anna’s Taqueria, it’s a burrito spot. [Burritos are] my favorite food in the world. I’m addicted to burritos, I probably average 1.5 burritos a day. I’m just thinking right now…it’s like 5 and I still haven’t had a burrito yet…

What’s your tried and true method for getting over an ex?

Writing music. I don’t know if I really get over stuff, per se, but that’s how I get through stuff. I’m really not the type of person who wants to talk about my feelings, but people may not realize that about me because I’m so open in my songs, but one on one I’m not a very open person socially. For me, music is that outlet. When people connect to it, that makes me feel so good.

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