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IMG_8797Caitlin Moe is an internationally lauded violinist who has traveled the planet with top-notch orchestras. You go, gurl. Over the past few years,  she’s opted for the sartorial superstar route — throwing on a platform pumps, vintage oversized fur and a plum lipstick killer combo — and, duh, accessorizing with a chic violin case. Eventually she found herself joining forces with fashion world-favorite, DJ Mia Moretti, forming THE DOLLS, a diva duo that I can only explain as high fashion Fiddlesticks-goes-to-the-cluuuurbbbb. It’s a sight to see/hear, you guys. Here’s a vague example: Caitlin Moe, clad in the aforementioned sartorial combo, jumps on the nearest table and loses mind on the electric violin whilst Moretti blasts bangers and indie gems. Drop dead gorge girls + fist-pumping-inducing talent = THIS IS OUR KIND OF ART, KITTENS!

A faint almost happened when Moe told me her plans to release a solo LP. “Oh, like, a violin soundtrack or something? Awesome!” *Caitlin offers side-eye then says* “No, I sing bitch. In fact, I saaaang.” (JK. Moe would never throw shade — she is sweeter than several Splenda.) Anyway, Moe then went on to play me her soon-to-be released sultry single, “Make Me Howl,” which immediately resulted in giving me head-to-toe goosebumps. Oh, right. And there’s this fun bit: Move the eff over, Sasha Fierce. The artist formerly known as Caitlin Moe is now, get ready for it, MARGOT.  I chatted with Moe Margot and she spilled all of the beans regarding her sangin’, her influences, NYFW debauchery, wishes to raid a Spice Girls’ closest, wishes to duet with Sigur Ros, etc etc etc. Just read it, kittens. It’s real good.

Okay, so, let’s get right to it: WHO IS THIS MARGOT CHICK AND WHAT HAS SHE DONE WITH MY SWEET, SWEET GIRL!? Is she your “Sasha Fierce”? I am Margot. I was going through a funk last year and told my friends “I will only respond to Margot; you can call me Margot.” And so she exists. I’ve been writing for my record for over three years, but Margot really brought out my most honest music. It’s definitely an album of love and lovers. Some of it dance, some of it filled with sad strings. It’s always interesting to listen back to certain songs and hear what you were going through when you wrote it.

Tell me about your soon-to-be released tune, “Make Me Howl”… “Make me howl, make me howl, make me howwwl…!” We’ve all had that lover that you know is no good but just can’t get enough of. “Up all night with you, nothing hurts more than to be reaching light with you.” I wrote this with my roommate Cleo Wade. Cleo wrote this beautiful poem that I turned into a song. I love collaborating with friends, especially when you’re muses to one another.

Speaking of bad boy lovers, how’d you spend your Valentine’s Day?  Like any other day. Alone. Been working on a piece for orchestra and watched some Ally McBeal (obvi only Season 4 when Robert Downing Jr joins)

LOLz. NYFW came, saw, kicked some ass, then bounced. What was your favorite NYFW show this season? DVF — Those 70s jumpers!

And how about party? Prabal Gurung at Bow. Eve performed! And The Dolls (DJ Mia Moretti & myself) did a set. I’m always happy when I get to play that little violin!


What can you tell us about your forthcoming debut LP? Producers… sound… themes…? My friend and musical genius Cory Enemy is producing my record. We’ve been recording everything in a tiny home basement in LA. We’re both inspired by so many artists and such different types of music that we just experiment every time we get together and go off of whatever mood we’re in. Lots of strings, lots of electronic noises, and lots of Margot’s love stories.

Who are some of your major vocal influences? Yukimi Nagano from Little Dragon, Alley Deheza from School of Seven Bells, Fiona Apple, Romy Madley Croft from the XX, Lykke Li, Sia from her Zero 7 days.


Okay, time for some fun shit. If you could raid any of your style icon’s closets, who would it be and why? idiosyncratic fashionistas (you just gotta google image search them) and the Spice Girls for ALL those platforms and tube tops!

Ditto. Favorite eBay purchase? ’90s black Steve Madden platforms.

Most recent iTunes purchase? Alt-J – ‘An Awesome Wave’ album. So good.

Dream music video director: Michel Gondry.

Dream duet:  Sigur Ros. I would die. Literally.

Please don’t. Dream producer: Already working with mine!

Describe your style in five words… teenager still living with mom.

What are the ups and downs of being a Sagittarius? Spontaneity and love of traveling definitely ups… starting projects and not finishing them definitely a downer.

What is your go-to karaoke song? “Criminal”- Fiona Apple

Favorite album cover? Any and all disco records from the ’70s.

Favorite music videos?

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