If You Live In California or Colorado, You Can Get Your Vagina High


If you’ve ever had sex high, you’ve probably realized that it’s pretty amazing. This is especially true if you don’t smoke frequently. Being stoned during sex is especially helpful for those of us that tend to have trouble reaching orgasms due to our minds wandering or being self-conscious.

However, if you don’t smoke frequently, it’s probably because you aren’t a huge fan of the sensation it brings to your mind and the rest of your body (save for your lady parts). Lucky for you, a cannabis infused lube entitled Foria was created last summer- and the results have been positive all around.

It’s literally like getting your pussy stoned, without having to sacrifice the rest of your mental state- sounds pretty f*cking sweet to me.

Although I unfortunately haven’t had the pleasure of testing the product out for myself (it’s currently only available in California and Colorado), users across the internet have posted nothing but positive results. Testers have reported getting extremely wet, being able to focus better during sex, and experiencing stronger and longer orgasms.

If you’re not going to get blazed during 4-2-0 this year, maybe you can get your pussy stoned instead?

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