Caitlyn Jenner is Socially Aware and Fabulous AF in First Episode of ‘I Am Cait’


I call my best friend on Sunday night, simply to ask what she’s doing and her instant response is, “Waiting for I Am Cait to come on!” I forgot she has cable now. She urges, “You still have 40 minutes, come over!” as I’m already making my detour to her apartment.

We sit down to watch the first episode of Caitlyn Jenner’s anticipated E! reality show with take-out Chinese food and high hopes. As we go through our first experience with Caitlyn, in live time, we give our thoughtful commentary throughout commercial breaks, in typical best-girl-friend fashion.

“I don’t want to see this, I want to see what she’s doing in her life.” This is BFF’s response to a majority of the episode, which is dedicated to Caitlyn’s fulfilling of her self-proclaimed responsibility to the trans-community.

I respond: “This is what she is doing, though.” It’s safe to say the general audience was expecting something similar to a Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode, and quite frankly, I think that’s what they want to see. I mean, even my best friend, who considers herself in correct pronouns, “multi-sexual, multi-romantic” who has taken the forceful initiative to educate me on all the pronouns and their importance in the LGBT community, wants to see Jenner going to pool parties and playing tennis. However, this is Jenner’s reality.

If you want your share of reality drama and Kardashians, the episode definitely delivers, as you see Kylie’s first experience with Caitlyn on none other than FaceTime after a loopy dentist visit, and I had nothing short of a *gasp* when Kanye steps into Jenner’s house, not to mention drops the F-bomb in front of Jenner’s 90-year-old mother.

The episode had just the right balance of tender, touching family moments and Jenner’s dry, yet humorous, outlook on her acclimated “reality”. In future episodes, you can expect a well-curated mix of emphasis on social awareness in the trans-community and pool party attendance from Jenner; that perfect Kardashian-ABC-special fusion.

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