Buy These Shoes For Your Short Boyfriend Right Now

We all know why those “special” guys put nothing but “6’2” in their Tinder bios… because b*tches love tall dudes. I mean, c’mon, the three requirements for an attractive man are that he’s tall, dark, and handsome. Yet, as chicks, we all know that you’re never going to find a guy that fits your perfect description of “husband material.” Sometimes, as much as you’re fantasizing about a guy who towers over Shaq, you end up with someone closer to Danny Devito.

Height is certainly not a make-or-break factor in a relationship. I mean, as shallow as we all are, personality (and/or net worth) can make up for a guy’s lack of stature. But, we all know that in your head you’re thinking of how much cuter your couple photos would be if you weren’t eye-level with him in your heels. How much more romantic your kisses would be if you had to stand on your tippy toes to reach his lips. How convenient it would be if he could reach that top shelf in the pantry where you keep your emergency wine stash.

When you’re feeling short and stumpy, you can easily strap on a pair of stripper stilettos. As for your man? He can’t exactly do that…or can he? A Spanish footwear company, Masaltos, is challenging the way that men use their footwear.

Masaltos offers their ‘elevator shoes’ in multiple styles and colors that blend in with every dude’s regular footwear choices. Unless your man is super trendy and down to wear platform sneakers, he’s probably not looking to enhance his height in any way that will attract attention, and that’s exactly why these shoes are perfect. The shoes add 7 cm of height (about 2.5 inches) to the wearer with a hidden heel inside the shoe.


If your guy doesn’t know he’s short (bless his heart) you could always just “surprise” him with these shoes, as a gift, ya know? Chances are your man is going to be way too clueless to suspect your ulterior motives, and he’ll be so obsessed with the slight height increase that they’re going to be his new favorite shoes. Hell, maybe he’ll get you a gift to reciprocate? I think every girl could always use a new pair of shoes


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