Where to buy rain boots that look nothing like rain boots

I don’t know about you, but I internally cry every time it rains in NYC.

Partially because walking through a monsoon is gross, but mostly because it means I can’t wear the outfit I planned out the night before. Instead of wearing my brand new ankle booties, I have to trudge through the subways with a pair of gross, bulky rain boots. Not cute and bad for my aesthetic.

Anyway, it seems that Melissa created the perfect solution to this problem. The clothing brand now sells an entire line of shoes made from 100% plastic, making them totally vegan, recyclable and most importantly, waterproof. We’d honestly wear half of the looks even when its not raining! Check out some of the looks below.

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Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Chelsea Boot, $289.00

These basically look like the love child of rain boots and Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma collection. The best thing about the Melissa rain collection is that they actually look like shoes we’d buy even if it wasn’t down-pouring. Although these are a little on the pricier side, it’s totally worth it because you can wear them whenever, through whatever. Plus, they’re good for the environment. 1o more points for your outfit! Grab them here.

Melissa Grunge + Vitorino Campos, $140.00

If you’re not really a boot type of gal, Melissa actually sells rain sneakers. These are perfect for crappy days that you need to run a ton of errands. They also come in four different colors to meet your aesthetic needs! You can buy them here.

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Melissa Be, $90.00

Converse look cute AF under jeans and skater skirts, but the second it rains you’re stuck with sloshy fabric and wet socks. Gross. Luckily, Melissa sells an adorbs pair of shoes that look just like your favorite sneaker brand. Sans soggy toes. Nab them here.

Melissa Long Boot, $195.00

Ok, so these are pretty much your typical rain boot, but they’re still cute. If you’re not really looking for anything too out there, these are a good compromise. Get ’em here.

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Melissa Classic Boot, $165.00

Who would’ve thought that rain PLATFORMS exist?! Not only are these durable through the sh*t weather, but they’re also hot AF. Personally, I’d wear these even when it’s sunny out. Buy them in white or red here.

Melissa Rain Drop Boot, $125.00

What’s better than ankle boots that won’t fall apart the second they get wet?? Real life story, I once had a pair of velvet booties split down the seams when I got caught in the rain. Probably should’ve know being that I paid like $12 for them, but still. Grab your rain booties here.

Melissa Panapana, $130.00

Melissa seriously created a look for every style out there. Everyone needs a good pair of slide-on shoes for days we’re running late (a.k.a. me on the daily), and its even better to be prepped for the rain. Especially since the weather has been so bipolar lately. Shop here.

Melissa Aranha 79/16 Heel, $149.00

Okay so, you’re feet will still most definitely get wet in these, but they’re cute AF. Plus, who wants to wear rain boots on a night out? At least you know your shoes won’t get ruined under your thot-tastic outfit. Or cause you to slide and eat concrete on your way into the club. Buy them here.

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