Buy This Period T-Shirt to Donate $$ to Planned Parenthood

This morning, I booked a hot yoga class on ClassPass. About 30 seconds later, my period arrived, days ahead of schedule.

I was tempted to cancel the class and incur a $15 fee, but then I thought about Married To The Mob’s new T-shirt benefiting Planned Parenthood, which you can see above. It’s white, with red type that says, “Anything you can do, I can do bleeding.”

“F*ck yeah!” I thought. “I’m gonna go to that yoga class, and I’m gonna invite my boyfriend to prove I can do it better than him even when I’m saturating a super tampon every two hours and mainlining Advil just to stay upright.”

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Leah had pitched us a story on the T-shirt yesterday, and we agreed to chat up this awesome project even before my Aunt Flo rolled up.

All proceeds — not 5%, not 15%, all — from the shirt are benefiting Planned Parenthood, so you should probz buy it even if you don’t feel comfy wearing a slogan tee all about vaginal bleeding.

Here’s what Leah, who also hosts the unmissable Improper Etiquette podcast with Laura Stylez, had to say about it.

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Where’d you come up with the slogan for this tee?

Me and my friend Ernest came up with it. He’s a huge #Bitchisms fan. And he also knows and loves that I’m obsessed with my period.

What’s the most insane thing you ever had to do while on your period?

Not much to be honest. But when I do have my period, I think about the women in the Olympics who have to compete while bleeding. Like how the F do they do that!? And the women in Nepal who get banned from their homes because they are believed to be cursed while bleeding. And the homeless women who don’t have feminine hygiene products. I guess that doesn’t answer your question but nothing I’ve ever done or had to do while bleeding compares to what other women go through.

What do you think it would be like if guys had periods instead of girls?

That just made me laugh out loud. If men had their periods instead of girls there would probably be a lot less funding cuts of school initiative to supply tampons and pads. Men’s bodies would not end up being a political issue! Things like that.

What made you want to help out Planned Parenthood?

When I was a teenager, I would get my birth control from Planned Parenthood. I was way too embarrassed to tell my parents me and my boyfriend were sexually active. My friends and I would get condoms, birth control, checkups there. I had friends who were able to get safe and low-cost abortions. I felt safe and cared for by this clinic. Women’s reproductive rights are everyday being violated, different states are trying to get laws passed making it more difficult for women to secure safe abortions. Our bodies are literally a f*cking battleground for white men to argue over and try to control. Helping to raise the little money I can for PP is just a start.

And since it’s almost NYFW we have to ask — what’s your best tip for looking polished in a graphic/slogan tee?

I would say, if you are going to rock a slogan tee, especially a strong bold powerful statement, make sure you look like you own it. Hold your head up high and make sure you believe in yourself and your statement tee.

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