Butt Injections Changed This Model’s Life Forever

Anivia Cruz-Dilworth liked big butts and she could not lie. Unfortunately, neither could her silicone butt injections. According to Jezebel, Anivia was a former plus-sized model signed by Wilhelmina, a top agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and London. In a society where judgement is placed on those who do not have a ‘perfect’ body, Anivia opted for plastic surgery to get that Kardashian-esque booty. Unable to afford a Kardashian-approved plastic surgeon, Anivia resorted to black market plastic surgery (where the procedures are done by an unlicensed practitioner). At first she loved the cheap and easy injections. Unfortunately, like so many others before her, Anivia got hooked on this idea of human perfection and became addicted.

After a series of injections, her butt became so unnatural looking, she could no longer book any modeling gigs. Even worse, she began to experience extreme pain. It turns out, the unlicensed practitioner used a cheap and dangerous filler. Those toxic substances spread to other parts of her body causing painful masses, a condition called granuloma. In addition, Anivia tells the Huffington Post, “My nerves are damaged because of it. I have scar tissue inside of me. I have severe swelling, I was maybe at about 42 inches around my hips, but now because of the swelling and inflammation, my hips are like a 47. This foreign substance is a part of me now.”

Beauty really is pain for this former model and for so many others who’ve sacrificed their health trying to attain what’s unattainable. Plastic surgery is fine until you choose your looks over your well-being.

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